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In an earlier post, we looked at one of the by products of reaching menopause – thinning hair. Unfortunately coarse hair is another by product of menopause and beyond. As we age and sebum production slows down, the hair and scalp can dry out considerably. To help combat this, look for a gentle shampoo that is non-drying, and a moisturizing conditioner. The use of a hydrating mask 2-3 times a week will also help. Always look for alcohol free or minimal alcohol products in styling products to prevent drying hair further. Try these hair care products, formulated to keep your hair hydrated and smooth, restoring softness and shine:

Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner


Dove created their Nutritive Solutions range to nourish dry hair, and this really does perform. Both the Daily Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner contain Pro-Moisture Complex, which nourishes your hair down to the cellular level, leaving your hair hydrated and soft, without weighing it down. Your hair will feel noticeably softer and smoother day after day. 320ml each RRP $6.89 each.

Less is More Mallowsmooth Shampoo & Conditioner


Another fantastic range from the Less is More brand is the Mallowsmooth Shampoo and Conditioner, which provides intense moisture, and softens and nourishes dry coarse hair. The shampoo is sulphate-free and contains rosehip seed oil, mallow extract and coconut oil to soften and smooth hair and prevent it drying out. The conditioner, containing rosehip oil, mallow extract and coconut oil smooths your hair structure, enriches your hair with moisture and softens hair. Both products contain 100% organic essences to soothe your scalp and hair. 200ml each RRP $40.00 for the Shampoo and $42.00 for the Conditioner.


Klorane Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner with Mango Butter


The delicious summery mango scent of this range is reason enough to buy it, but you should use it as it really works. The shampoo nourishes and protects hair without weighing it down, thanks to the Mango Butter with its essential fatty acids, and the conditioner coats and restructures hair from root to end, leaving your hair incredibly soft and shiny. Both products are paraben free, silicone free, and biodegradable. The third product in the range (pictured left) is a leave-in Nourishing Mango Oil which can be sprayed into damp or dry hair, and the waterproof formula with a UV filter helps protect hair against drying out and the damaging effects of the sun, salt water, and chlorine. Shampoo & Conditioner 200ml each RRP $13.95. Leave-in Oil 125ml RRP $19.95.

Schwarzkopf Beology Repair Shampoo & Conditioner


Combining the best of science and nature, Schwarzkopf Beology Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are enriched with deep sea extracts, three types of keratin, and herbal plant essences to provide deep nutrition to coarse, dry, or damaged hair. Your hair is protected by anti-oxidant ingredients and the end result is super soft and shiny hair. If your hair is very coarse or dry, try the Repair Power Shots (pictured left) once or twice a week for extra intense hydration and repair. Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml each, and Repair Power Shot 3 x 10ml RRP $15.99 each.

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and Conditioner both contain 6 plant based oils to nourish and hydrate dry coarse hair. The shampoo nourishes your hair from root to tip, whilst the conditioner uses the same 6 oils to impart nutrition and shine, leaving your hair soft and smooth. If your hair is very dry, or in need of some extra hydration, the Extraordinary Oil (pictured right) is a multi tasking product, which absorbs into each hair, and adjusts to individual hair type needs so it precisely delivers the amount of nourishment and care your hair needs. Non-greasy, the formula coats each hair strand in an invisible veil to protect your hair and keep it hydrated. Shampoo & Conditioner 250ml RRP $5.95 each. Extraordinary Oil 100ml RRP $19.95.

Below are some great styling products (or styling assistants) to help protect hair from drying out and becoming coarser. Once the weather warms up in Australia, try to minimize blow drying and invest in styling products that allow for a wash and wear style (perfect for our beachy Australian lifestyle). Look for alcohol free styling products, that won’t dry your hair further. Adding a few good oils to your diet doesn’t hurt in making your hair softer and less coarse either.

Schwarzkopf Extra Care Heat Protection Spray


Schwarzkopf Extra Care Heidi’s Heat Styles Heat Protection Spray wraps itself around your hair to form a shield that protects your hair from the damage caused from daily styling and heat – it is formulated to protect hair against heat damage up to 220°C. It also helps prevent any moisture loss from hairdryers, curling irons, and straighteners as well as fights frizz. The formula is lightweight, non-sticky, holds your style for up to 24 hours and brushes out easily. 250ml RRP $6.99.

Less is More Lavender Smooth Balm


Less is More Lavender Smooth Balm is a leave-in hydrating conditioner that protects your hair against heat styling and helps to prevent split ends. The nourishing formula contains mallow extract, apricot kernel oil and coconut oil to keep your hair really hydrated, and the special blend of organic essences leave your scalp hydrated and soothed. A little goes a long way, so this product lasts a long time. 150ml RRP $40.00.

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream


The L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream infuses 6 precious flower oils into a super light cream that envelopes your hair to nourish every strand, without weighing hair down. It is a hair care and styling product in one. As a styling product, the cream can be added to your hair before blow drying, and it acts as a primer, to help keep your hair protected and nourished. It can also be used after you’ve finished styling in a light layer over your hair to give it super shine and smoothness. 150ml RRP $9.95.



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