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Regular readers of the Beauty Over 40 blog will remember a story we did last year on Sarah’s Story – Painting a Picture to give an Identity to Children exposed to Domestic Violence. The interactive mural was an initiative between Friends with Dignity Australia and Jeunesse Australia, to bring to life the story of Sarah, a 6 year old child affected by domestic violence. To read more, or refresh your memory, click here:



The story also mentions the Little Friends biannual scholarships, which help to cover a variety of areas—from helping kids attend camp and after-school activities with their peers, to providing uniforms & textbooks and extra-curricular activities including equipment for music classes. The scholarships are designed to help young domestic violence survivors re-build their confidence by finding something they are good at, and ensuring their education continues. Provided by the charity Friends with Dignity Australia, these scholarships are now open for applications (they close February 21 2020). Anyone interested in applying for the Little Friends Scholarship Program can visit: to download an application form. 




If you are interested in helping Friends With Dignity Australia to support the Little Friends Scholarship program, donations are always welcome. You can donate at the Little Friends Scholarship Community Fund MyCause page:

To see how your donations can help a child in need, below is an excerpt from a real life donation request (with names removed). NB, the image is not of the child in the request. Provided by Stephen Dumas from Pixabay to illustrate how the scholarships help children in need.




Statement of Support for XXX

I am writing to express my hope that XXX will be accepted for this scholarship. He and his mother have reported witnessing his father´s violence in a way that has impacted on him and his relationship with others (especially adult males). The financial situation of the Family at present having had to move away from social supports for the sake of safety, would make it extremely difficult for XXX to attend his awesome opportunity without the help of the scholarship.

The funds from this scholarship would be used to attend a major Jamboree scout camp that I believe would encourage development of his social skills and enhance self-confidence and self-esteem. This would also be a great opportunity to associate with many positive male role models, especially to encourage (develop) the relationship he has with his weekly scout leader.



If you know anyone who may benefit from a Little Friends Scholarship, please feel free to share this information with them.




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