When you grow up on one of the driest continents on earth, and especially if you come from a farming family, you learn fairly quickly what a precious commodity water is. Any ways we can be water wise and save water are quickly drummed into us and practiced.


Developed and launched in Cape Town, South Africa in response to the local Day Zero water crisis in 2018, new Waterl<ss (pronounced Waterless) hair care is now available in Australia, encouraging us to be more mindful in our water consumption through the use of Waterl<ss products. Their studies have shown that the average Aussie uses 274 litres of water a day. If all Australians used Waterl<ss in place of one shampoo per week for a year, we would save enough water to supply water to Australians for four years. The Waterl<ss hair care products cover 4 key areas – cleanse, condition, style and fragrance, and can be used to skip a wash to save time, save water, or protect hair from the wear and tear of drying and styling. The Dry Shampoos and Conditioners are available in 2 types – for fine or oily hair, and for thick, curly or dry and damaged hair. The styling products include a Curl Milk for curly, textured, or dry and damaged hair and a leave-in Heat Shield for all hair types to protect against heat related damage. Rounding out the collection are two Fragrance Mists (in Apple & Berry and Rose & Peach scents), to help tame static and have hair smelling fresh all day. The Waterl<ss range is priced from $4.99, for the Fragrance Mists (37g) to $14.99 for the Dry Shampoos (106-150g – the larger one is the foam for thick, curly or dry and damaged hair), Conditioners (102g) and Styling Products (190-225ml). Available exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.


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