It’s not often the stars align, and I get to review a skincare range formulated especially for the needs of 40+ skin. That age when collagen production starts its monumental decline, dryness sets in, and dullness from years spent in the sun becomes so much more noticeable. Vital Momentum is such a range.


Australian owned and manufactured, cruelty-free, and mostly Vegan, Vital Momentum is the brainchild of Pure Health Hub founder Lindy Andrews after she found skincare on the market was not working for her 50+ skin (something many of us have found as our skin matures). Backed by natural science and developed in conjunction with a compounding chemist with over 20 years’ experience, Vital Momentum is formulated with ingredients mature skin needs, supporting and working with skin’s natural physiology, recognising the drop in oestrogen and progesterone production, and loss of collagen. Ingredients with proven efficacy for 40+ skin, like Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E as well as Rosehip, Jojoba, Marine Collagen, Sea Buckthorn & Kakadu Plum combine to help exfoliate, rejuvenate, nourish, hydrate, repair, protect, brighten, and tighten skin.


I have been lucky enough to try 3 products from the range – the Clean Skin Smoothing Glycolic Cleanser (100ml RRP $50.00), The Day Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 30+ (50ml RRP $55.00), and Fresh even Skin Niacinamide Cream (50ml RRP $55.00). They have worked so well with my 50+ skin. The Clean Skin Smoothing Glycolic Cleanser, with Glycolic Acid, Vitamins B3 & B5, and hyaluronic Acid is a super hydrating cleanser that left my skin feeling so smooth and not taut or dry at all. The Glycolic was so gentle and exfoliated my skin super well – it just glowed. The Day Skin Perfecting BB Cream SPF 30+, with Peptides, Vitamins B3, E, Hyaluronic Acid and Kakadu Plum is so hydrating, and the tint suited my skin so well it is universal and suits most skin tones. With my newly glowing skin I’m going to ditch the foundation and make this my go to Spring/Summer coverage. The Fresh Even Skin Niacinamide Cream is a wonder cream. Ingredients like Niacinamide, Vitamin B3, and Aloe Vera sooth skin and increase skin’s natural hydration. With The Day Cream being so hydrating, I’ve been using this as a night cream (or occasionally on very dry days under The Day Cream), and I awaken with dewy skin each morning. I do think in Winter my skin would need a Serum to boost, but it’s working well at this time of the year.


The 3 products I trialled are supplemented by a Skin Smoothing Glycolic Scrub, Nourishing Multivitamin Cream, Firming Serum, Brightening Vitamin C Serum, Anti-Wrinkle Serum, Plumping Serum, Brightening Eye Cream, and Plumping and Moisturising Lip Treatment. If you have hit your 40’s, 50’s and beyond, and are finding your usual skincare regime isn’t working with your skin changes, this range is well worth a try. Available from .




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