The Best Face & Body Mists to Beat The Summer Heat



Is the Summer heat & humidity starting to take its toll? Are you finding it hard to keep your cool in the sweltering heat? The good news is, you can keep your face and body cool with an array of hydrating, cooling, soothing, or toning face and body mists. Face & Body Mists are designed to hydrate and tone your skin, and prepare it for skincare ingredients to follow, however they are absolutely magical at cooling your skin and refreshing moisture that is lost when you sweat during Summer. Best of all, they can be used by all skin types, so win-win. We’ve taken a look at the mists available in Australia, and we’ve come up with our pick of the best for face and body, to help you keep your cool this Summer. Read on to find out more about these beauties, and pick the one that best fits your needs. Beauty Over 40 tip, keep one in the fridge over Summer for extra cooling refreshment, and one in your bag for spritzing on the go! We’ve been spritzing these beauties as we write this piece – you can’t beat it!

Jurlique Sweet Peony & Tangerine Hydrating Mist Limited Edition



Jurlique have a range of gorgeous gorgeously scented Face Mists to suit all skin types. We’ve fallen in love with the limited edition Sweet Peony & Tangerine Hydrating Mist (pictured), with its botanical, naturally based, antioxidant blend it helps to improve your skin’s moisture levels, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, soothed and balanced, and your senses revived. It’s great for the Summer heat, as you can mist your face any time your skin feels dehydrated, or you need a pick-me-up. If by chance, this is sold out in your retailer, we think the Rosewater Balancing Mist, with its delicate rose scent and botanical formula which balances, soothes, and hydrates skin comes in a very close second. Sweet Peony & Tangerine Hydrating Mist 100ml RRP $49.00, Rosewater Balancing Mist 100ml RRP $49.00 (also available in 50ml size).

Mavala Skin Vitality Alpine Micro-Mist



With the goodness, and the delicate scent of revitalising Swiss Apricot Extract, the Mavala Skin Vitality Alpine Micro-Mist is designed to provide glowing, hydrated skin when fatigue has set in. The formula has also been enriched with moisturizing Apple water and decongesting Cornflower water, to help leave your skin feeling quenched, soft and energized. This is the ideal product to take out with you over Summer, and spray from first signs of tiredness. As a bonus, it also fixes make-up in place, so it really is a perfect mist for the Summer heat. Alpine Micro-Mist 125ml RRP $29.95.

RAWW Balance-ME Mist Toner



For skin that needs a pick-me-up over Summer (that should be anyone living in Australia), a spritz of the Raww Balance-ME Mist Toner will wake up skin, and leave it glowing. The nutrient-rich formula contains WildBerry Harvest™ (a mix of three Australian outback super-berries), to offer maximum hydration, while green tea and coconut water work together to soothe the skin and calm any redness. The delicious Vanilla and Lime scent lift your senses, and provide you with a burst of Summer freshness. Spritz whenever you feel your skin needs a lift. Can be used on your skin after cleansing, or over makeup throughout the day. 100ml RRP $19.99.

La Roche -Posay Thermal Spring Water



Formulated especially for sensitive skin, the unique combination of minerals and trace elements, such as Selenium, give the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water scientifically-proven soothing, softening and anti-oxidant properties. The fragrance-free formula has been designed to minimise the risk of intolerance in sensitive skin, while the fine mist goes to work soothing and hydrating your skin. The formula is so gentle it can be used by adults and babies, and all skin types, especially sensitive. Even if your skin isn’t sensitive, it is great for sunburn. We love the large size as we can use it on our face and body. 300g RRP $24.95, also available in 50g handbag/travel/nappy bag size.

Avene Thermal Spring Water



Just like the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, Avene Thermal Spring Water is formulated especially for sensitive skin. With its unique mineral and biological properties, drawn from the mineral springs of Avene in France, the soft mist spray provides health and beauty benefits, whilst it soothes, hydrates, and calms your skin, Offering instant relief for irritated skin, the Avene Thermal Spring Water can also be used by all skin types, and on face and body. Being fragrance free, it is designed not to irritate delicate skin, and can also be used on sunburn. 300ml RRP $25.95, also available in 150ml and 50ml handbag/travel/nappy bag size.

Bali Body Hydrating Face & Body Mist



Spritz your way to glowing, dewy and hydrated skin with Bali Body’s latest summer essential, the vegan Hydrating Face & Body Mist. Enriched with Aloe Vera, Cucumber extract, and Peppermint Oil, the ultrafine, smoothing and cooling mist restores your skin to a comfortable and hydrated state instantly. Whether you’re on the go or have had a day in the sun, refresh your complexion with this multi-purpose mist. The fast drying Face & Body Mist can be used as a primer to create a smooth layer for your makeup to cling to, or as a setting spray to hold your makeup in place all day long. Hello gorgeous Summer skin. 100ml RRP $21.95.


There you have our top Face & Body Mists to help you keep your cool, and your skin glowing this Summer. Do you use any of these? Do you use something else? Let us know in the comments below, and keep misting!


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