This year, Easter doesn’t have to be all about the kids, with some gorgeous grown up treats from T2! As a hot chocolate aficionado, I was super excited to see the release of the T2 Cacao Kapow, which as the name suggests, is hot chocolate powder, that packs a punch. Added ingredients include rooibos (known for its many beneficial qualities, including being an anti-inflammatory, helping with digestive issues, promoting healthy bones and teeth, and being so packed with antioxidants, it is anti aging), hojicha (a Japanese green tea that is roasted, not steamed, lowering the caffeine component), lucuma (used by the ancient Incas to help support skin and digestive health), and wonder berry acai (which is rich in anti aging antioxidants, and can help heart health). So, not only does is taste delicious, it’s actually very good for you – guilt free indulgence – we love it. 120g RRP $30.00.


If hot chocolate is not your thing, T2 have also launched some fabulous teas that are perfect for Easter, (and beyond). From the decadent sounding Caramel Brownie (pictured), with its smooth chocolate and caramel flavours (it’s my favourite tea!), to Terrific Toffee with mellow caramel, black tea and nutty nougat flavours, to Toasty Nougat, with notes of almond, caramel, and sweet apple, you are sure to find a flavour you like (love). Each tea comes in a loose leaf box, which makes around 30 cups of tea. 100g RRP $16.00 each. If you don’t have a tea pot, or tea mug with infuser, T2 have some new Easter designs, with the mug/infuser (one design is pictured) RRP $36.00, and tea pots starting at RRP $60.00.


The best news of all – the wonderful Cacao Kapow and Easter Teas are available throughout winter, so there’s no need to feel the cold this year! Available at all T2 stores. To find your nearest store, or to shop on-line, click here.



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