I love a good skincare regime, especially one with a handful of products that are simple to use, and really work. I have recently been privileged to try several of the anti-ageing products from the StriVectin range. I love this range – science-backed skincare that really works.


I started the routine with the StriVectin Moisture Matrix Cleanser (118ml RRP $55.00). This super moisturising cleanser starts as a gel, before it transforms into a gorgeous milk, removing makeup and impurities as it nourishes skin. The second step is the Triphase Daily Glow Toner (118ml RRP $55.00), a 3-in-1 toner (don’t you just love a multi-tasker), that helps to smooth, brighten and hydrate skin, with its formula packed with botanicals and skin-loving acids, as well as powerful Niacin. I then follow this with the Advanced Retinol Concentrated Serum (30ml RRP $185.00). As you hit middle age, a good Serum is a must, depending on your skins’ needs. I love this lightweight, silky Serum, with its potent, yet relatively gentle Retinol, which helps improve skin cell turnover and enhance skin firmness, diminishing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The addition of patented NIA-114™ technology leaves my skin nourished, not dry. The 4th step of my regime is the Advanced Retinol Eye Cream (15ml RRP $115.00), perfect for mature eyes, this formula has the power of retinol, that is gentle enough to use around your eyes, and with the addition of NIA-114™, it leaves the skin around your eyes nourished and hydrates as it targets fine lines and crows feet. Finally, I complete the routine with the ultra-luxe Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer (50ml RRP $175.00). This cream just glides onto skin and is instantly absorbed as it goes to work helping to build skin’s 4 essential building blocks (proteins, micronutrients, water, and lipids), targeting the visible signs of ageing. For mature skin, this is just brilliant, as it helps to visibly enhance skin firmness and elasticity. The addition of NIA-114™ helps to limit the sensitivity you can get with Retinol, leaving my skin glowing and dewy by morning.


I’ve been trying the range for 3 weeks – so which is my favourite? They’re all pretty good, so it was a hard choice, but I think the Advanced Retinol Intensive Night Moisturizer just pips the others, with its silky smooth texture, gentle formula, and visible results. I saw a visible improvement on the age spots on my forehead in just 2 weeks (I wish I’d taken a before and after photo, but I wasn’t expecting such dramatic or rapid results). All StriVectin products available at Priceline. Speak to one of their consultants to find the range that’s right for you. This one worked well for me, but may not be right for everyone – it all depends on your own skins’ needs. Remember, when using Retinol products, always use a sunscreen during the day.


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