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As the year starts to settle down after the festive season, who could use a little extra income to pay off those pesky bills? Maybe you were laid off or had reduced hours during covid last year? Maybe you still are, or are looking for something to supplement your income after JobKeeper stops? Maybe you just over spent at Christmas and you’d like some extra income to pay off the bills. Check out our 6 simple side hustle ideas to earn some extra cash – try one, try all, depending on your circumstances, and see the extra money flow in.

Dog Walking



This is an easy side hustle almost anyone can do, and as a bonus, it keeps you fit as well. Start out by looking to see if there are any other dog walkers in your area. You can always approach them and see if they need a partner or casual dog walker. If not, advertise on your local community Facebook page. Approach family, friends, and friends of family and friends with dogs. Just a tip, if you are taking the dogs to a park to play, be prepared to have to clean your car afterwards, and always check with the owners whether the dog can be walked with others or needs to be walked alone.


House Sitting



If you are relatively footloose and free, house sitting, either short or longer term can be a great way to make extra income. Often the owners of the house will pay you to sit for a short term stay, and for the longer term stay, you can either make money by renting out your house/apartment while you house sit (if you are renting yourselves, just make sure you check the terms of your lease to make sure it allows this), or save money yourself whilst not having to rent accommodation (this is not strictly a side hustle, but it will save you money). Google House Sitting, and check out reputable sites to find one that suits you.


Errand Running



This is getting increasingly popular as a way to make extra income, as people return to work and get busier and busier. I frequently see requests for people needed to pick up children after school and take them to activities – sport, art, music etc. Additionally, people need dry cleaning dropped off and picked up, someone to collect a delivery and so on. If you have the time spare during the day, this is a relatively simple way to make some extra $$, and help someone out as well. Get started by posting your services on community Facebook pages, or on local noticeboards, and word of mouth should take care of the rest.


Pet Sitting



If you love animals, another side hustle in the vein of House Sitting, more and more people are looking to keep their pets in their homes when they go away, as it is less stressful for the pet in an environment they know, and you get paid to pat some gorgeous fur babies. As per House Sitting, advertise on your local community Facebook page, and talk to family and friends with pets. Be prepared to be working over long weekends and school/Christmas holidays though, as this is when demand is highest.





Do you have a special skill you could teach others? Are you crafty, arty, or good at sport? Are you an expert at woodwork, on an international cuisine, or maybe even business skills? If so, you may be able teach or tutor at your local community college, depending on your qualifications and level of expertise. Contact your local college and see if they have any openings. You may have to wait a term or 2, and be prepared to pull together a course plan, but this can be worthwhile. If your qualifications aren’t formal, or they’re not high enough, consider tutoring. Maybe you are good at Maths or English? Contact a local tutoring company and see if your skills are in demand, and if they can use you, or alternatively, advertise on your local community Facebook page again.


Baby Sitting



An oldie but a goodie. If you love children, and have afternoons and evenings free, this is an easy money earner. Parents love a reliable baby sitter, so they can go out with peace of mind, and this is something almost anyone can do. To get started, you guessed it, advertise on your local community Facebook page, and talk to family and friends with children, and once you are started, ask the parents for a word of mouth recommendation (this goes for dog walking, house sitting and pet sitting as well).



We hope these have given you some inspiration and opportunities for Side Hustle ideas to earn some extra money. Have they inspired you? Do you already have another Side Hustle? Let us know in the comments below.





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