I really find Winter harsh on my hair (and skin). The constant moving between indoor heating, and the cold, dry, windy weather outdoors really dries and damages my hair. This year I’m indulging my hair a little more in the lead up to Winter, in an attempt to keep it hydrated and nourished. And what an indulgence I’m giving it.


The new Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Finishing Oils use high performing natural, purified oils, and invigorating aromatic Essential Oils to provide a highly nourishing, yet lightweight balance for hair – the scents are divine. Designed to be used as the final step in your haircare routine (ie after towel drying, or on already dry hair), the lightweight self-evaporating oils leave hair bouncy, shiny, and oh-so-soft. Available in different formulations for different hair types, including Marula Finishing Oil – boosts shine for fine to medium hair, Rose Finishing Oil – soothes and nourishes fine to medium hair, Barbary Fig Finishing Oil – intensively replenishes very dry and brittle hair, Argan Finishing Oil – adds shine to medium to thick hair, and the limited-edition Mediterranean Finishing Oil – adds radiance and protects most hair types – especially good for UV protection in warmer weather. With my fine hair, I’m using the Rose Finishing Oil (pictured – with the limited-edition Mediterranean Finishing Oil), and it’s left my hair so soft, bouncy and shiny, with no oily residue at all. The scent is reminiscent of walking through a fragrant rose garden – it’s sublime. If your hair needs a little TLC over Winter (or any time), consider adding a hair oil to your regime – it’s a simple step for extra shine and nourishment. Schwarzkopf Professional Oil Ultime Finishing Oils 100ml each RRP $27.95 each. Available at leading hair dressing salons.


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