Do you have a skin condition that needs managing? Perhaps Psoriasis, Eczema or Acne? After years of suffering from severe Psoriasis, and looking for the perfect pill to cure the condition, Dr Irene Prantalos realised she needed to reconnect with her body to understand why it was reacting this way. Relief through Chinese Medicine led to Dr. Irene opening her clinic to help others suffering similar conditions.


The clinic offers ranges of skincare products to help treat a range of skin conditions, from Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema and skin sensitivity, as well as a range for mature skin. Dr. Irene also offers a selection of Books, CD’s, and a range of Herbal Teas, to help aid digestion, help heal skin and promote a luminous glow, help protect collagen production, as well as teas to help reduce stress and anxiety (quite useful as we navigate our way through Covid-19). Products are prescribed after an initial skin assessment or online consultation (in the age of covid-19, these can be done over the phone, via Zoom, via Skype, online, or you can still visit the clinic for a face to face consultation (located in Surrey Hills Victoria).


After a quick but thorough phone consultation, Dr. Irene prescribed the Pomegranate Exfoliating Gel, and the RevitalEyes Eye Serum to work in with the skincare I was already using (no expensive up-sell to more of the same products I already had, just a desire to help), and the Luminosi-Tea (to promote skin’s ability to heal), and the Digest and Detox Tea to encourage organ detox, and to aid digestion (to help digestive issues I have had since a teen). What can I say – the Pomegranate Exfoliating Gel is so gentle I can barely feel it working, but I know it is, as my other products absorb so much better after using it. It’s the perfect exfoliator for dry, mature, irritated skin. The RevitalEyes Eye Serum has a peptide technology to help reduce and prevent the eye puffiness and dark circles we suffer as we mature, as well as helping to minimise fine lines and wrinkles. I could notice the difference in the vitality of skin around my eye after just 28 days. The teas were a delight to drink – packed with organic herbal ingredients, and my skin does look much better. My digestive issues have calmed down – no longer to I wake up with a stomach ache and bloating every morning – my body seems to be much more in balance, and I feel more energised. If you are suffering from skin issues, or your body just seems out of sorts, it is well worth contacting Dr. Irene – click the link below for details.


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