We all have a favourite memory, and it is often said that fragrance evokes memories of an earlier time  – the scent of rose in a fragrance may remind us of our wedding day, the note of leather can remind us of reading in an old chair with Grandpa, and so on. The new Replica fragrances are designed specifically to remind us of nostalgic memories from a favourite time. The unique blend of ingredients have created scents that remind us of a music festival, a walk on the beach, even a trip to the barbers. Available in EDT (a lighter scent inspiring our favourite memories), and EDP (a richer scent, expressing our deeper feelings, and designed as a unisex fragrance), these gorgeous scents uniquely, and lovingly express our earlier life experiences.


The only trouble is, they are so good, you’ll have trouble picking your favourite. We love Flower Market, with its notes of rose petals, jasmine, and tuberose, reminding us of a trip many years ago, to Paris in Spring, and the heady scent of flowers in bloom. Lazy Sunday Morning, with light delicate notes smells like soft cotton sheets on silky smooth skin (blissful memories of a pre-children sleep-in anyone?), and you can almost feel the sun-lit sand beneath your toes with Beach Walk, and its notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon and pink pepper. There are a total of 15 fragrances in the collection across both EDT and EDP, so you’re sure to find a memory that makes you smile. If our favourites don’t stir up a memory or feeling for you, try Jazz Club, By the Fireplace, Flying, or Sailing Day. EDT 10ml Rollerball RRP $40.00, EDT 100ml Spray RRP $160.00, EDP 100ml Spray RRP $210.00.


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