One of the great things about being a Beauty Writer is you get to try so many new and wonderful beauty products, so I was just a little bit excited when the 6-piece Raww Super Hydrate-ME skincare products arrived. Being over 40 (actually over 50 now), my skin is so much drier and less hydrated than before. A chance to rehydrate my skin with the Superfood Infused beauties, whilst being kind to our furry friends with the Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Australian-Made skincare was too good to pass up. As if I needed an extra reason to try, the entire Super Hydrate-ME range is certified Cosmos Natural too.


The Super Hydrate-ME range consists of 6 products – a Creamy Cleanser (for morning), a Cleansing Oil (for night – or you can double cleanse or swap the order around if you prefer), an Eye Cream, a Day Cream, a Night Cream, and finally a Facial Mist. Five of the six products contain the Superfood hero Wildberry Harvest, which is proven to nourish and hydrate skin, with the Cleansing Oil containing Cherry Kernel and Avocado Oil to help condition and soothe skin. The products are packed with botanical ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Kakadu Plum, Macadamia Oil, Acai Fruit Oil, Shea Butter and more, to hydrate skin and help fight premature ageing, keeping it super soft and nourished. If you’re after a hydrating skincare range that smells good enough to eat, and which is good for skin and animals (and your wallet), you need to try this. Super Hydrate-ME Creamy Cleanser 100ml RRP $19.99, Cleansing Oil 100ml RRP $24.99, Eye Cream 15ml RRP $24.99, Day Cream 60g RRP $29.99, Night Cream 60g RRP $29.99, Facial Mist 100ml RRP $24.99.


I’ve been using the range now for 3 weeks, and my skin feels super soft and hydrated. The cleansers leave my skin feeling super smooth, whilst the eye cream, and day and night creams have my skin looking plump and nourished. The Facial Mist is brilliant to use under moisturiser and throughout the day for a burst of hydration whenever it’s needed. I think this one will become a handbag staple over the hot Summer months ahead.



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