Has the colder weather got you down. Are you suffering from the Winter Blues? Perk yourself (and warm yourself) up with the range of top selling, Mood Boosting Pukka Teas (containing ingredients especially designed to help boost your mood). Using the finest medicinal grade organic herbs, from over 50 countries, the teas are certified organic, and each ingredient is sustainably grown, harvested, and fairly traded. Any of the 5 delicious flavours are perfect for these cold, windy days.



Choose from one of the the 5 delicious flavours including Revitalise with cinnamon bark, ginger root, clove, elderflower, orange peel, green tea, and spearmint leaf, to help kick start your senses on a cold dreary day. Or you may prefer Relax, a captivating blend of calming herbs, including chamomile, fennel seed, ginger, cardamom, marshmallow root, and licorice – put your feet up, unwind and chill out after a long day. The gorgeously named Love is designed to comfort and calm any time of the day, with a nurturing blend of rose, lavender, elderflower, chamomile and marigold petals – simply sip, and feel your inner balance being restored. To help with a peaceful night’s sleep, Night Time offers a blend of soothing, nourishing herbs, including oat flower, lavender, and lime flower, to help calm and settle your mind. Rounding out the collection, the Chamomile, Vanilla, and Manuka Honey is a rich, nourishing blend, designed to help relax your body and promote inner peace. We have tried all 5, and have to say, they are absolutely delicious. It’s really hard to choose a favourite – they are all so good. I guess we’ll just have to keep drinking them all, depending on our mood. Box of 20 Tea Bags, RRP $7.95 each.



Would you like to win a set of Pukka Mood Boosting Teas, featuring each the 5 flavours listed above? Simply head over to our Facebook page, via the link below, and enter the competition. Good Luck.



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