Continuing on with my review of skincare formulated for mature skin, I’ve recently trialled a range of skincare designed for skin going through peri-menopause and menopause. With Oestrogen and progesterone is freefall during this time, and skin losing collagen, peri-menopausal and menopausal skin seems to age overnight, with dryness, dullness, heat, and itchiness common occurrences.


Pro-ageing and cruelty-free brand PRAI Beauty have recently launched their M Collection, which is just brilliant for peri-menopausal and menopausal skin. Helping us to feel positive about this phase of life that, let’s face it, almost every woman goes through, the range helps to address the key changes to skin during this time. Featuring a special Cool Complex, the range helps to nourish, rehydrate, soothe, and boost collagen in your skin. The Meno-Soothe Cleanser (120ml RRP $39.95) is a luxe, gentle, non-drying, and super gentle cleanser with 2 cleansing agents, and 5 emollient skin conditioners, along with Prai Oil to remove makeup and impurities gently, yet effectively. The Meno-Soothe Moisturizer (50ml RRP $59.95) contains a myriad of ingredients, including C Complex, with SYN®-COLL, to help optimise skin’s collagen level, Silica, which forms a breathable barrier on skin to fill in superficial lines, Coolact®-10, to help control hot flashes, White Water Lily and Vitamins C and E to help soothe skin and protect against environmental aggressors. The gel-like moisturiser melts into skin, cooling instantly, while it nourishes and hydrates. The Meno-Soothe Sleep Crème (50ml RRP $59.95) goes to work while you sleep. Rich in Omega Oils, Shea Butter, and fatty acids, the Crème helps to recharge and regenerate skin, helping to improve skin elasticity. With the same SYN®-COLL and Coolact® as the Meno-Soothe Moisturizer, the formula helps to optimise skin collagen and imparts a coolness to help with hot flashes, while Hyaluronic Acid helps to nourish skin and boost moisture content. Available from TVSN.


I’ve been using this trio of goodness for a month now, and my skin couldn’t be happier. It feels nourished, hydrated, and super-soothed – I’d never had redness before menopause, and this range cools and soothes, bringing down the redness so well. For anyone experiencing dry, uncomfortable skin during peri and menopause, this range is well worth a look. I’m super happy with my results and will definitely keep using the range.


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