Promising a spa-like experience at home, the new Olay Magemasks with Magnetic Infuser are a breakthrough in technology. The Olay Magnemasks (available either in a jar, or as a sheet mask) contain nourishing ingredients, that, with the aid of the Magnetic Infuser (pictured top) to massage the ingredients into your skin, infuses up to 3 times more ingredients, and helps penetrate up to 10 layers deep. This skincare efficacy is possible due to the magnetic repulsion power of the magnets to push the active ingredients deeper into your skin (think back to high school science where magnets repelled and pushed each other away, and this is how the infuser pushes ingredients deeper into your skin). The Magnetic Infuser is especially attuned to the molecular properties of the Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), and Penta-Peptides (PAL-KTTKS) in the mask formulas, so the masks work in tandem with the Magnetic Infuser to deliver maximum benefits for your skin. The jar masks offer hydration for up to 12 hours, and the sheet masks up to 24. Both the Sheet and Jar masks come in Hydrating (to help replenish skin with moisture), Rejuvenating (to help improve skin texture and elasticity), and Illuminating (to help brighten and reduce uneven skin tone) variants.


I’ve been using the lightweight jar mask for 4 weeks now, and the results have been outstanding. I’ve been using the Hydrating Mask, and trialing it with and without serum, night only, day and night, and with and without the Magnetic Infuser (to see the different effects). The mask is so hydrating, I didn’t need to use a serum overnight, and I did wake up with fully hydrated skin each morning (it felt soft, and smooth, and looked dewy). I could see the difference when I used the Magnetic Infuser – the ingredients penetrated much faster – there was no residual mask left on my skin after using the Magnetic Infuser – it had all been absorbed. NB, the magnets in the infuser don’t vibrate, in fact there is no movement or noise at all, but is is working as you massage the mask into your skin. The overnight effect is so hydrating I only needed to use it once a day, even when it was really cold and windy. This is truly an amazing innovation, and one your skin will thank you for. I can’t stop using it, and I know it will take me through into Spring with plump, hydrated, dewy looking skin. Olay Jar Mask Starter Kit (including Jar Mask 50ml and Magnetic Infuser), RRP $54.99, Sheet Mask (Pack of 5 Individual Masks), RRP $28.99.


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