Did you know more than 1 in 3 of us claims to have sensitive skin? As we age, if you have sensitive skin, you have a dilemma – do you stay with your skincare for sensitive skin – it keeps the sensitivities at bay, but it isn’t anti ageing, or do you switch to an anti ageing routine – it will help with firmness and fine lines and wrinkles, but may be too harsh for your sensitive skin? Nutrimetics have come up with the answer, with their new Comfort Plus range. This clever range fights sensitivity and wrinkles in one. Comfort Plus is dermatalogically formulated to combat the visible signs of ageing, skin sensitivity and redness in one. Now you don’t have to choose between sensitivity or anti-ageing – this calming range helps to soothe discomfort, optimises skin tolerance and strengthens the skin’s barrier over time.


The range is a simple to use, and contains Defensil Complex (to help calm sensitive skin), Camellia Extract (to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin redness), and Banana Flower Extract (to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). Start with the Comfort Plus Cleansing Creme, a rich creamy cleanser, which is formulated to calm and soothe as it gently cleanses away make-up and impurities without irritating leaving the skin feeling nourished and soft. 150ml RRP $36.00. Follow on with Comfort Plus Toning Lotion, which soothes and purifies your skin, helping to remove any last traces of cleanser. 180ml RRP $36.00. The Comfort Plus Eye Creme, containing Sweet Almond Oil is a rich, creamy formula, which helps to calm redness and soothes irritation while softening and nourishing the delicate eye area for beautiful, younger looking eyes. 15ml RRP $49.00. Comfort Plus Day Creme soothes delicate and sensitive skin, helping to calm redness and irritation while delivering the moisture and nourishment required for the skin to look soft, supple and beautiful. The Day Creme melts into your skin, and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkles while improving skin firmness to reveal a noticeably younger, glowing complexion. 60ml RRP $56.00. For Night, Comfort Plus Night Creme, with Shea Butter, is a rich, nourishing formula, that intensely moisturises your skin for increased hydration and smoother skin. It works overnight to protect and strengthen the skin barrier to help reduce skin sensitivity and optimise skin tolerance. The Night Creme also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and wrinkle depth while improving skin firmness to reveal a noticeably younger, glowing complexion. 60ml RRP $59.00.


I don’t have sensitive skin all over my face, although the skin around my eyes is quite sensitive due to food allergies, and it often reacts, and I do need anti ageing products. I’ve been using this range for 6 weeks now, and my skin feels stronger, and more resilient, nourished and hydrated, while the skin around my eyes feels soothed, calmer, and nourished and hydrated, and I haven’t had the small reactions I often get in Spring. It’s the perfect range for anyone with sensitive skin, looking for anti ageing skincare.


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