According to NIVEA Australia’s research into attitudes towards natural beauty (conducted in 2020), Australian women are gravitating towards skincare brands and products that are becoming more transparent, with 75% of women agreeing that it is important to look for skincare products that are made with clean ingredients. In addition, and not surprisingly, Aussie women are taking a step towards more sustainable and eco-friendly practices.


With this in mind, Nivea have launched the Naturally Good skincare range, which is formulated with up to 99% naturally derived ingredients – with 1-2% preservatives and fragrances required for safety and stability. The range was developed with a philosophy of using as many ingredients with natural origins as possible, being completely free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones. All ingredients and their origins are fully disclosed on the packaging. The range contains products suitable for different skin types, from normal/combination, through to anti-ageing, and contains body products as well. The body lotions come in an innovative plastic squeeze bottle that uses 50% less plastic and rolls up as you use it so you can get more product out.


The range consists of the Nivea Naturally Good Milky Cleanser with Organic Green Tea which cleanses deeply yet gently, and even removes waterproof make-up. 200ml RRP $11.00. The Nivea Naturally Good Cleansing Tonic with Organic Green Tea removes left over residues and is wonderfully fresh over the warmer months. 200ml RRP $11.00. For younger or oilier skins, the Nivea Naturally Good Micellar Wash Gel contains Organic Aloe Vera to cleanse and provide freshness to the skin, and the bottle is made from 97% recycled plastic. 140ml RRP $11.00. For cleansing on the go, or when we can travel again, the Nivea Naturally Good Facial Wipes contain Organic Aloe Vera to remove make-up effectively including waterproof make-up, and has 100% biodegradable plant fibres. 25 Wipes RRP $7.50. A range of Day Creams supports different skin needs, including the NIVEA Naturally Good Radiance Day Cream with Organic Aloe Vera moisturises the skin for 24 hours for radiant skin, 50ml RRP $11.00, the fragrance-free Nivea Naturally Good Sensitive Day Cream with Organic Chamomile to help sooth irritation and reduce redness, 50ml RRP $11.00, and the Nivea Naturally Good Anti-Age Day Cream with Organic Burdock Extract which helps support skin’s own collagen production 50ml RRP $22.00. Supporting the Day Creams are 2 Night Creams, Nivea Naturally Good Regenerating Night Cream with Organic Argan Oil helps the skin to regenerate itself during the night, 50ml RRP $11.00, and the Nivea Naturally Good Anti-Age Night Cream with Organic Burdock Extract which helps support skin’s own collagen production, 50ml RRP $22.00 AUD. For bodies, the Nivea Naturally Good Avocado & Hydration Body Lotion with organic Avocado provides 48h moisture for dry skin, whilst the Nivea Naturally Good Oat & Nourishment Body Lotion with Organic Oat provides 48h moisture for dry to very dry skin. Both come in an innovative roll and squeeze bottle with 50% less plastic. Both 350ml RRP $9.00. Rounding out the range are 3 microbead free, vegan, 99% biodegradable Oil Infused Shower Gels. All offer advanced care with naturally derived ingredients, and come in NIVEA Naturally Good Honeysuckle Scent & Organic Oil Enriched, Nivea Naturally Good Rose Water Scent & Organic Oil Enriched, and Nivea Naturally Good Cotton Flower Scent & Organic Oil Enriched formulas. 300ml each RRP $7.00.


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