Give dad the gift of great skin. Just in time for Father’s Day, Nivea have released a new range for Men. The DEEP range contains Black Carbon, to provide men’s skin with a deep clean, and fresh skin feeling, every day. The absorption properties of the Black Carbon ingredient offer powerful protection and effective care for men’s skin, with the distinct masculine scent containing citrus, spicy and warm notes, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean all day.


The six products in the Nivea Men DEEP range cover the essentials of the male grooming routine. For dad’s face, the Anti-Impurities Face and Beard Wash thoroughly cleanses skin and beard hair, removing impurities, whilst protecting your skin from drying out. The Clean Shave Shaving Gel dispenses as a black gel, turning white as it changes to a foam, and preps skin for a clean razor glide, to minimise irritation. The antibacterial properties of the Comfort After Shave Lotion helps to calm and sooth skin, aiding recovery from any shaving irritation, whilst protecting it from drying out. The addition of micro-fine clay (instead of Black Carbon) to the Clean Shower Gel (for body, face, and hair), provides a deep cleanse and impurity removal for skin, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed. The non-drying formula is pH balanced, and mild enough to use every day. Rounding out the range, the Dry & Clean Feel Antiperspirant provides the same 48-hour protection against sweat and body odor all Nivea Men deodorants contain. The antibacterial formula, with Black Carbon (that doesn’t leave black residue on skin), provides long lasting freshness in both a spray and roll-on formula. Anti-Impurities Face & Beard Wash 100ml RRP $8.99, Clean Shave Shaving Gel 200ml RRP $5.99, Comfort After Shave Lotion 100ml RRP $11.40, Clean Shower Gel 500ml RRP $7.50, Dry & Clean Feel Antiperspirant Spray 250ml RRP $6.59, Roll-On 50ml RRP $3.79. At these prices, you can really spoil dad.


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