There is lots to love about 40+ skin – it really tells a story. There are laugh lines, and frown lines, that have taken us through good times and bad. There are sun spots, from a lifetime lived in the sun, and there is the inevitable skin sagging from the slowdown of collagen production. I don’t regret a single line, wrinkle or spot on my face, but I do want my skin to look and feel the best it can for its age (50+), so I’ve been trying a few new skincare ranges designed for mature skin of late.


First cab off the rank is the Natio Ageless Skincare range. Packed with antioxidants, and key ingredients like Rosehip, Vitamin C, Plant Collagen, and Hyaluronate, the cruelty-free range is perfect for maturing and mature skin. The range consists of a Replenishing Cream Cleanser (100g RRP $17.95), a super creamy, nourishing cleanser, which cleanses and removes makeup without depleting skin’s moisture barrier, the Skin Renewal Exfoliator (100g RRP $17.95), which gently polishes skin to dissolve dull surface cells to reveal brighter, glowing skin, the Replenishing Hydrating Toner (200ml RRP $15.95), which deeply hydrate skin, priming it for the Serums and Moisturisers to follow. 3 serums/concentrates in the range are designed to meet individual skin needs – from the Antioxidant Rosehip Oil (30ml RRP $24.95) with cold-pressed Rosehip Oil helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation and sun damage, whilst the Plumping Renewal Serum (30ml RRP $26.95) with Marine Collagen and Ceramides helps to plump and firm skin. The Luminous Perfecting Serum (30ml RRP $26.95), with Rosehip, Vitamin C and Niacinamide, helps to brighten and strengthen skin. Radiance Day Lotion (75g RRP $19.95) is a fast-absorbing, lightweight lotion with Marine Collagen to help boost skin’s brightness and bounce, whilst the Daily Moisture UV Protection SPF50+ (75g RRP $19.95) provides very high Broad Spectrum sun protection to help protect against free radical damage, whilst boosting skin hydration, and the Hydrating Face Fluid SPF 50+ (60ml RRP $22.95) is an ultra-lightweight dermatologically tested invisible lotion which hydrates skin whilst helping to protect against fine lines and wrinkles with its very high Broad Spectrum protection. For night, the Extra Firming Night Cream (50g RRP $22.95) is a luxe, rich restorative cream, with Rosehip, Evening Primrose and Sweet Almond Oils, and Vitamin C to help replenish and re-energise skin, and the Brightening Eye Cream (20g RRP $19.95) with Vitamin C and Rosehip, helps to nourish, brighten and revive the delicate skin around your eye area.


I’ve been using this range for a month, and my skin couldn’t be happier. It feels nourished, soothed and hydrated – nary a spot of dryness in sight. My favourite products (for my skins needs), the Replenishing Cream Cleanser, Plumping Renewal Serum, Hydrating Face Fluid SPF 50+, Extra Firming Night Cream, and Brightening Eye Cream. That’s an easy to use day and night routine for Winter, at a touch over $100 – what more could you want for timeless beauty?


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