Autumn has arrived, and there is the ever so slight chill in the air. I feel like we really haven’t had a Summer in Sydney – the cooler and rainy weather conspired to give us quite a bleak, humid season. I am actually looking forward to Autumn. To some drier, crisper days, the start of warming soups and stews, and being able to exercise without sweating before I walk out the front door.


One of the things I am really looking forward to this Autumn is new makeup colours. It’s been 2 years since I’ve properly worn makeup, and I can’t wait to catch up with friends without a mask (but still safely), and wear some lipstick for a change. One collection that has caught my eye this season is the Mavala Idyllic range of lipsticks. Formulated with shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E, these beauties care for lips while providing a burst of stunning colour. Available in 6 wearable on-trend colours, there is a lipstick for every look, from 673 Sand Rose Emotion, a pearly beige-rose, 674 Lychee Dream, a delicate pale rose, 675 Red Blush Passion, a luminous brick-red, 676 Honey Desire, a warm soft brown, 677 Mokka Delight, a pearly golden brown, and 678 Rosewood Joy, a pearly soft pink rosewood. Mavala Idyllic Lipsticks 4g RRP $27.95 each. Partnering the Idyllic Collection is the Mavala Iconic Color’s Nail Collection. Formulated with +Silicum (organic silicon), to help strengthen and improve nails, the collection comprises 6 colours to transport you to faraway lands. Timelessly elegant, yet oh so contemporary, these are the perfect Autumn colours. From 401 Inverness, a wintery, slightly pearly grey, 402 Detroit, an intense, yet soft, blue-grey, 403 Manaus, a voluptuous deep red, 404 Muscat, a woody tan with a touch of red, 405 Rangoon, a shimmery burnt henna, and 406 Salamanca, a delicate sandy beige. Mix and match with the Idyllic Lipsticks for the hottest Autumn and Winter looks. Mavala Iconic Color’s Nail Polish 5ml RRP $8.95 each.


I love the Mavala lipsticks – they are so super hydrating and caring, and this season they have such gorgeous colours. I don’t normally wear a red, but I think my favourite this season is the Red Blush Passion – it’s just so wearable. Then it’s a toss up between Rosewood Joy and Sand Rose Emotion, but they’re all so contemporary I’m going to be spoilt for choice this season. Lychee Dream, Mokka Delight, and Honey Desire are going to be my go-to neutrals for any outfit, and I’ll use Red Blush Passion, Rosewood Joy and Sand Rose Emotion when I need a splash of extra colour. For Nails, I love the coolness of Inverness, and the heat of Manaus and Rangoon, whilst Muscat and Salamanca are destined to be classics. Detroit is just perfect for my outfit today. I think I’m going to have a few rainbow nails this season, or maybe my own take on a French Mani – stay tuned.


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