It’s such a relief that some restrictions are lifting, and some industries are opening up, but it’s not everyone, and not at full capacity. That means we’ll still be doing some DIY beauty treatments for a while yet, supplementing trips to the Salon.


Fortunately the newly launched Foot Care range from Mavala has us covered for all our DIY at home Pedi’s, as well as bringing relief to tired feet over Summer – just what we need as we move to sandals over Spring and Summer. The range is split into three categories – Comfort, for smoother feet, Vitality, to revitalise tired feet, and Freshness, for feet that need a little refreshing over the warmer months. Within each category are three products to meet your feet needs. In Comfort we have Hydro-Repairing Foot Care (50ml RRP $29.95), with Urea and Apricot Pulp to intensely hydrate and smooth feet, Conditioning Moisturizer for Feet (75ml RRP $29.95), with Allantoin and Collagen to help prevent chapping and restore elasticity, and Smoothing Scrub Cream (75ml RRP $26.95) with seaweed microparticles and a fresh menthol scent to help gently remove callouses and rough skin. From the Vitality range we have the wonderful Refreshing Foot Gel (75ml RRP $26.95), which soothes ankles and tired, swollen feet, for instant relief, Soothing Foot Bath Salts (300g RRP $34.95), with Dead Sea salt end enriched with active extracts, to relax and stimulate feet at the same time, and Revitalizing Emulsion for Tired Legs (75ml RRP $29.95), with witch hazel and ivy extracts, this lightweight emulsion relieves tired and aching legs. Finally, in the Freshness range, the Deodorizing Foot Gel (75ml RRP $26.95) has a special Deoactive agent with a targeted action to help prevent unpleasant foot odours, the Talcum Powder for Feet (75ml RRP $29.95) is a lightly scented absorbent powder with the Deoactive agent to help prevent unpleasant foot odours, and the Concentrated Foot Bath (75ml RRP $26.95), with its deodorizing and toning benefits softens callouses and helps prep feet for a pedicure.


I’ve been lucky enough to trial some of these products ahead of Spring, to prep my Winter-weary feet, and they are just divine. The Smoothing Scrub for Feet removed rough skin from feet that had been in sneakers and boots all Winter long gently yet thoroughly, and the Hydro Repairing Foot Care had my feet soft and smooth in no time. I’m saving the Soothing Foot Bath Salts and Concentrated Foot Bath for when the weather really warms up and I need them. There is much to love about this new Mavala Foot Care Range.


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