Matching Wines with Desserts



With Spring in full swing, many of us are starting to catch up with friends and family (socially distanced of course). With BBQ dinners, brunches, and long lunches happening, we spoke to Angove Organic Chief Winemaker Tony Ingle who shared his insights on which wines work best with some classic dinner party desserts. Enjoy – after all, it’s 2020 – who needs another excuse to treat ourselves?

Sticky Date Pudding



Sticky Date Pudding is the perfect comfort dessert and pairing this with the dark aromas of the Angove Organic Shiraz Cabernet brings the decadent toffee flavours to life. Add vanilla ice cream to create an oaky and complex taste combination for you to enjoy.





As Cheesecake can be quite rich it’s important to balance out the heavy flavours. Try Late Harvest wines, from Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon grapes to add a touch of sweetness and acidity that will help to clean the palate and enable you to savour every delicious bite.





A sweet Rose will always go down a treat with Tiramisu. Luscious layers of Mascarpone paired with full-bodied espresso-soaked biscuits means that you need a wine that won’t overload your palate, and will let you fully enjoy the dessert.


Cherry Crumble



For the cherry connoisseur, you can’t go past the Angove Organic Merlot. Its intriguing palate and subtle use of oak provides an extra depth of character that really brings out the scrumptious flavours of a delicious homemade Cherry Crumble.


Cheese Platter



Cheese platters come with complexity as you have to match your wine to a variety of different flavours, textures and fruits. Try to keep it simple. Try Pinot Grigio for soft cheeses as the delicate floral aromas pair great with summer fruits like Granny Smith Apples and Pears.


For hard cheeses like Cheddar, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Manchego, Chardonnay is always a winner as the oak notes pair brilliantly with stronger flavours and Citrus fruits and melons.



Thank you Tony – this has certainly helped me prepare for the Spring & Summer catch ups I have planned (and I have learned a thing or 2 too). Which wines do you match with desserts? Let us know in the comments below.


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