Do you have hair that is more than 50% grey? Are you struggling to find a product to cover greys, without leaving a tell-tale re-growth line? If so, you’re not alone. Many women with predominantly grey hair struggle with re-growth. L’Oreal Paris have listened to our frustration, and have come up with a solution for predominantly (more than 50%) grey hair. The clever Beautifying Colour Care formulas gently enhance your natural grey hair colour, adding a touch of subtle colour onto your grey hair, to leave it soft, radiant, and easy to style, whilst the Beautifying Silver Care removes yellow tones from your grey hair, leaving it shiny and luminous, with natural silvery tones.


The semi-permanent formula in the Beautifying Colour Care lasts from 5-10 shampoos (depending on how your individual hair holds colour), gradually washing out, so it doesn’t leave the dreaded tell-tale re-growth line – your hair looks naturally radiant. If you’ve given up colouring your hair due to the problem of re-growth with permanent hair colour, or you just want a subtle change to your grey hair, this could be the product for you. For those who want to subtly colour greys, the product is available as Age Perfect Beautifying Colour Care, in Beige, Chestnut, and Warm Gold, or if you prefer to keep your silver colour, but want to remove the dull yellow tones and enhance your natural colour, Age Perfect Beautifying Silver Care in Pearl is (no pun intended) perfect for you. Application is simple too – the no-mix formula is applied to your hair after shampooing, developing in as little as 10 minutes, and simply washes out. The tube contains enough for 2 applications (unless your hair is very thick or long, in which case it may only have enough for 1 application). It should be noted that Beautifying Silver Care lasts for 2 shampoos, on average, due to the difference in formulation. 80ml RRP $17.50.


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