In an era when flawless skin seems to rule the world, and the expectation of beautiful skin is a given, some of us like to give our skin an extra anti-ageing boost. For those of us who do, you might be interested in the new dermal filler Juvederm VOLITE™, a hyaluronic acid injectible gel, which has shown improvement in skin quality and fine lines in users. The treatment can be used on the face, neck, and décolletage, on men and women over the age of 18, who want to improve their skin quality and minimise the appearance of fine lines.


We’ve heard of Dermal Fillers before, so what makes Juvederm Volite to special? Volite is an innovative injectible dermal filler designed to improve your skin quality for up to 9 months! The treatment is injected all over your face (or neck, or décolletage) in very small amounts, and the hyaluronic acid (a wonder ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) goes to work hydrating and plumping your skin, helping to smooth out fine lines. The results are subtle, and long lasting. Of course, something this good comes at a price, and Volite treatents start at $675 (but remember it lasts for up to 9 months).


Volite is a prescription only treatment, and as with any injectible treatment, you should look for a qualified professional. Allergan (the owners of Juvederm) have a website called My Face My Allergan, which includes a large clinic locator with over 300 formal Australian clinics registered. Click on the link to find a registered clinic near you, and Allergan advises to always remember to:

  1. Check the registration details, qualifications, and experience of the health care professional and clinic
  2. Have a consultation prior to any treatment
  3. Confirm a professional treatment plan in line with your expectations
  4. Understand when results will be seen, and how long they are expected to last
  5. Ask to have a look at before and after photos of previous patients.


Now, on the issue of results, pictured are before and after images of a 37 year old Sydney patient of Dr Joseph Hkeik. The after photo was taken 2.5 months after the treatment, and you can see the subtle (yet noticeable) difference in the fine lines around her eyes, and the improvement in skin quality, and reduction in pore size. The patient herself says she works long hours and the treatment has meant she doesn’t look anywhere near as tired as she usually does, and now wears much less makeup, due to the glow in her skin.


Is this treatment right for you? If you are interested, click on the link above, find a clinic, and book an appointment to discuss with a doctor.




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