We love it when iconic skincare gets even better, and that’s just what’s happened to Jurlique’s Herbal Recovery Range. The Signature skincare range, that helps to target the multiple concerns experienced by mature skin (loss of firmness, lines and wrinkles, skin dullness, tired looking eyes etc) is enhanced with even more powerful botanicals than the previous range – for example, the anti-oxidant rich Viola tricolour extract (which helps minimise the signs of ageing and reduces dullness), has tripled in dosage from the original formula. According to Danielle Williams, Jurlique Education Specialist ANZ, “From the launch of the Herbal Recovery range over 20 years ago this range has become an iconic collection for Jurlique. Herbal Recovery products are designed to capture the essence of the purity of the Jurlique farm in the South Australian Hills and deliver radiant, glowing skin”. Combining the best of science and nature, the Herbal Recovery ritual comprises 5 gorgeous naturally delicately scented skincare products in these stunning cream to red vignette packages.


After cleansing, start with the Herbal Recovery Signature Mist, a hydrating veil of intense moisture and packed with a botanical extract blend of Rose, Marshmallow Root, Lavender and Calendula plus Yarrow which works like an antioxidant infusion, while protecting the skin from environmental aggressors, and preparing skin for the products to follow. Follow on with the Herbal Recovery Signature Serum, a lightweight, yet nourishing serum with concentrated botanical extracts to help firm skin, and enhance radiance. Red Clover Flower extract enhances the role of Hyaluronic Acid, to hydrate skin and help smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Ms Williams says “We are using exclusive Advanced Gel Technology, to impart a satin-like glide and skin feel, that improves the absorption of Herbal Recovery Signature Serum ingredients into the skin and creates a protective film on the skin’s surface, enhancing hydration. The fusion of breakthrough botanicals and advanced technology, alongside clinically proven results will redefine what’s possible from natural skin care.” For drier skin types, follow with the Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream, a deeply nourishing moisturiser that just melts into your skin. Powerful botanicals such as Yarrow, Japanese Cedar Bud, and Viola Tricolour help to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and help skin look firmer. Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract helps reduce the appearance of dullness, and lifts skin luminosity. If your skin is not as dry (over Summer perhaps), use the Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Lotion, with the same powerful botanicals as the Cream, it also helps to soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and helps skin look firmer, whilst also helping reduce the appearance of dullness, and lifting skin luminosity. The Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream is a rich, hydrating eye cream, loaded with plant-based antioxidants to help treat multiple concerns. Yarrow, Japanese Cedar Bud and Beech Tree Bud help to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help to firm and re-energise delicate eye skin. Persian Silk Tree Extract helps to minimise the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, while it smooths skin.



I’ve been using the Herbal Recovery Serum, Herbal Recovery Moisturising Lotion and Herbal Recovery Eye Cream for 3 weeks, and my skin is just glowing (not to mention it smells sensational). My skin feels firmer, and more radiant, and I’ve felt a definite skin tightening effect after using the Eye Cream. I love the way the powerful botanical extracts have started to work on multiple ageing concerns. Would I use this range again – yes absolutely. I’d switch to the Moisturising Cream, and add in the Hydrating Mist for Autumn/Winter, to provide my skin with extra moisture. This is a gentle yet powerful range for mature skin. Herbal Recovery Signature Serum 30ml RRP $95.00, 50ml RRP $135.00. Herbal Recovery Signature Mist 100ml RRP $55.00. Herbal Recovery Signature Moisturising Cream 50ml RRP $89.00. Herbal Recovery Moisturising Lotion 50ml RRP $89.00. Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Cream 15ml RRP $65.00.


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