Brrrrr – Winter’s coming, and with it goes our Summer glow. Now you can keep your golden glow for longer. If you play sport, or are heading to the Northern Summer over our Winter, and you don’t want your gorgeous glow to fade, we love the Jergens Natural Glow Duo. The first step, the Color Primer, an in-shower scrub, preps and exfoliates your skin, ready for the natural glow (for best results, prep a few days prior to self-tanning). Step 2 is to apply the Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer, and keep applying each day until you achieve your desired colour, then apply as needed for colour maintenance. The formula gradually builds into natural looking colour, and is available in two shades – Fair to Medium, and Medium to Tan, so you can tan to a shade to suit any skin colour. Gradual self tanners aren’t new news, however the Jergens Natural Glow + Firming gradually firms up your skin and improves skin elasticity, and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, and that is good news for mature skin!



We tried both products (playing netball over Winter means our legs are on show year round, and we prefer a natural glow), and the results were fantastic. Firstly we tried the Color Primer (on one leg, so we could compare to the non-primed leg), and then applied the + Firming Daily Moisturizer two days later, and the results were clear. The colour on the leg we primed was less streaky (in fact it didn’t streak at all), and the colour itself lasted around 3 days longer than the leg we didn’t prime. If you are after a gorgeous year round glow (without the sun, and without the self-tan scent), these products are perfect. Color Primer 162ml RRP $10.99, + Firming Daily Moisturizer 221ml RRP $14.99.


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