With collagen production declining as we age, it is important to find ways to help your body produce more of this anti-ageing wonder. Not only does collagen help skin elasticity and plumpness, it also helps to promote healthy hair, nails, strong joints, and even gut health – essential for menopausal and post menopausal health.


Sustainability sourced from France, Innour’s doctor-developed Marine Collagen is expertly hydrolysed to break down the collagen particles into their amino acids allowing your body to easily absorb and use. By offering double the dose of most collagen brands on the market Innour’s Collagen ensures real and effective results. Worried about Mercury in Marine Collagen – don’t be – every batch is tested to be safe for consumption and free from any harmful substances such as mercury. How does Innour Marine Collagen work?  Anti-Ageing – By supplementing the collagen your body loses as you age, taking Innour Collagen daily can help achieve youthful-looking skin & glow, whilst reducing fine lines and improving skin plumpness. Supercharged Support – To replenish & heal sore muscles, the amino acids found in Innour’s Collagen can help during muscle recovery. More Than Skin Help – Studies have shown Innour Collagen helps to accelerate healthy nail growth and strengthening. Healthy Hair – The primary building block for keratin and hair; proline, is found in Innour Collagen and gives you an ample supply to assist in the growth of luscious locks. Available in three delicious flavours – Natural, Berry, and Summer Fruits, the formula uses only natural flavours (including real freeze-dried fruit in the Berry and Summer Fruits flavours) and sweeteners, with no fillers added, it’s one of the purest collagen supplements available. Simple to take – combine one scoop with food or drink (bonus – the formula is heat stable, so you can use it in hot drinks over Winter) up to twice a day for optimal results. Innour Natural Marine Collagen Powder Tub Small Tub RRP $70.00, Large Tub RRP $120.00, 30 Sachets x 5.8g RRP $75.00.  Available from www.innour.com.au




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