As a vegetarian, I frequently find it hard to get my recommended daily dose of protein. There are plenty of plant protein options about, it is just that, depending where I am and what I’m doing, it can take quite a bit of planning and eating to consume the recommended dose.


That’s why I was so happy to find the Super Protein Powders from the newly launched Honne wellness brand, based out of Byron Bay right here in Australia. Honne was launched by fitness studio and wellness entrepreneur Andrea Debellis after discovering the toll a non-stop lifestyle was taking on her health. Instead of offering the latest trend or one-off product, Honne’s signature products are all in ones, with the mission to help you create a simplistic strategy for your wellness. The powders are plant based, brimming with organic goodness, and based on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, where small habits consistently employed, lead to massive impact. Formulated with fermented plant proteins, super greens, adaptogens, liver supporting herbs, prebiotics and vitamins, Honne proteins offer a convenient vegan and organic option to help start your day strong and kick-start a healthier life. Each ingredient is meticulously curated by Honne’s team of holistic naturopaths to make sure it earns its place in the formula for dynamic effectiveness, with only food based natural ingredients, for easier absorption. Available in 2 flavours – Original Super Green Protein, with organic peppermint, and Cacao Super Green Protein, with Peruvian Cacao (the one I’ve been using – it is quite tasty), these powders are the easy way to ensure you get enough protein every day. Simply add one scoop (equivalent to the protein of 2.5 eggs) to a glass of water or plant based milk. If you need less protein, or are using this as a protein top up, just use a little less – I am using half a scoop a day. In line with the brands philosophy, the Super Protein Powders come in a heavy duty refillable and reusable jar, which is made with biophotonic UV Miron glass. Honne Super Protein Powders 330g RRP $94.00 each (in the refillable jar), and RRP $59.00 for the 330g pouch refill from Honne Wellness. Each contains about 12 serves (based on using one scoop per day), which compares quite favourably with a serve of non-plant protein.  


If you are a vegetarian searching for an easy way to get your daily protein, this is well worth a look. I’m a convert.




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