Did you know we should move to a specialised cleansing system as our skin matures? Neither did we. As our skin ages, starting to lack lipids, and becoming thinner and more fragile, dead skin cells start to build up, causing our skin to lose radiance and vitality. This means micellar waters, foams, toning lotions and many other textures can be too light to effectively meet the needs of mature skin.


Enter the Guinot Clean Logic Anti-Ageing Cleansing System, formulated specially for fragile and/or mature skin. The Clean Logic Cleansing Care Cream is a lovely light milky lotion with hydrating Shea Oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, that deeply cleanses and removes makeup, without disturbing the acid mantle of your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. The formula also helps to firm and rejuvenate skins appearance, thanks to Longevitine and Seaweed Extract. The Clean Logic Revitalising Care Lotion contains Papain to provide a gentle exfoliating effect, and Jojoba Oil to help further reinforce the acid mantle of your skin. Cleansing Care Cream 150ml RRP $85.00, Revitalising Care Lotion 200ml RRP $85.00.


I’ve been using these luxe products for 4 weeks now, and how does my skin feel afterwards?  In a word hydrated, in 2 words, super hydrated, and in 4 words, super hydrated and nourished. If you have mature skin and your current cleansing routine isn’t working, you need to try these.


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