Magnesium is such an important nutrient. Our bodies use Magnesium in over 300 ways, so it is important to make sure we aren’t magnesium deficient. For me, 2 of the most important ways my body uses Magnesium is to help absorb Vitamin D (to help prevent Osteoporosis), and to help relieve muscle soreness and spasms.


Did you know that almost 4% of the Australian population suffers from Osteoporosis? While it’s a disease that most commonly affects the elderly, prevention can and should start from an early age. Supporting our bodies absorption of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphate absorption, Magnesium is key to supporting bone health. When our bodies are Magnesium deficient, we are at a higher risk of developing skeletal disorders like Osteoporosis. Magnesium is a key component for muscle repair, and healthy muscle function. To help repair muscle soreness, (and prevent Osteoporosis), especially now that I’ve upped my exercise ante in anticipation of the end of lockdown, I’ve started using GO Magnesium 800 High Strength Capsules. Vegetarian suitable, these capsules are easy to take, and help to support muscle function, a healthy cardiovascular system, nervous system health and energy production – winner. I can feel my energy levels lifting, and my muscle soreness doesn’t seem to last as long. While I can’t see the help I am giving my body for Osteoporosis prevention, I feel better knowing it is happening. GO Magnesium 800 High Strength 120 Capsules RRP $54.99. A couple of other products from the range I have been testing out too – GO Magnesium Sleep has helped me get a good nights’ sleep during a couple of anxious lockdown nights, and the GO Magnesium Powder New Zealand Blackcurrant helps with anxiety and to boost your mood – something quite a lot of us could do with at the moment I think? This one is particularly easy to take – just mix with water, or add to a smoothie.


Have you tried the GO Nutritional supplements? Are you tempted? Let us know in the comments below.


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