It’s very important to have your skin diagnosed regularly, especially as we mature, as our skin really does change so much in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. You should have your skin diagnosed at least once a season to make sure the products you are using are working for your skin as it changes (no-one wants to waste time and money on products that aren’t meeting your skin’s needs), and more often if you have any issues being treated such as Rosacea, or Eczema.


This week, Beauty Over 40 visited Ella Bache for a a full skin diagnosis. Ella Bache offers a skin diagnosis service with all facial treatments, and it is a very simple and painless process. The therapist will look over your skin first with a blue light to check oil flow and pigmentation, which will tell the therapist if your skin is showing any underlying signs of dehydration, and pigmentation yet to come to the surface, so action can be taken. Then a white light is used to show up issues like capillary damage, so a treatment program can be organised. Often these 2 lights can detect potential skin conditions that you may not even be aware of yet, so a corrective action plan can be put together. Once the diagnosis is complete, Ella Bache will pull together a tailored plan to help correct the skin concerns found during the diagnosis, and will check your progress regularly to make sure the products are working. The plans are many, from pH balancing your skin, strengthening sensitive skin, providing radiance to dull or hyperpigmented skin, nourishing dry skin, restructuring mature skin and many, many more. To find your nearest Ella Bache Salon, and book in for a skin diagnosis, click here to go to our stockists page. 


My diagnosis – mostly in good shape, which is great to hear after winter, with a couple of concerns to be monitored, so I will be going back regularly.



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