If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to give back more this year, we may have found the perfect way with Dr. Hauschka. To ensure a plentiful supply of Rose Oil for their various rose organic and natural skincare products, Dr. Hauschka initiates and supports organic or biodynamic cultivation projects in various locations around the world to ensure premium quality, sufficient quantity and longevity of ingredient supplies. They have Rose Essential Oil partnerships in Bulgaria, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and have recently launched a Rose Project in the Ethiopian Highlands, where the proximity to the equator means that the lifespan of the bloom increases substantially, giving farmers twice the time to harvest. A key benefit for these farmers is that Ethiopian roses in particular are nearly twice as heavy as blossoms from other countries resulting in a greater yield from fewer plants.


Through this project, Dr. Hauschka supports over 1,500 rose farmers in Iran, over 500 farmers in Turkey, and over 400 in Afghanistan. This has given these farmers a steady income, and a way to support themselves out of poverty. The Rose Oil produced from these farms is used in many of the Dr. Hauschka products, including Rose Day Cream, Rose Body Oil, Rose Body Moisturiser, and many of the make-up products. Rose Oil has many beneficial skincare properties, including being highly moisturising, it’s an anti-inflammatory, it preps your skin and makes products last longer, it soothes and comforts your skin, contains anti-ageing properties, and has an aromatherapeutic effect, calming your senses .


When you purchase Dr. Hauschka products featuring this hero ingredient, you are helping to support the growth of this fair trade effort in Ethiopia, Iran, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Afghanistan, and doing wonders for your skin – win win we say.


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