I just love it when we discover a new beauty brand, especially one that has been developed in Australia. With a focus on simplicity, confidence, honesty and transparency, the Claire Hill skincare brand has been created as a legacy by a mother for her daughter. A background in science and nursing, and a satisfaction in helping others, as well as a belief that women are most confident when they look their best led Loretta Hill to develop the Claire Hill range for her daughter. The skincare range is all about making the most of the beauty nature has given you, and reflecting on inner (as well as outer) beauty. With an inherent belief that regardless of age, a woman’s beauty is bound to her confidence – what a wonderful message for any mother to pass on to their daughter.


The range currently consists of two products (more are in development, and the range will expand over time), filled with high quality, scientifically backed, active ingredients. The lightweight S8-28 Assist Serum contains Hyanify™, a replenishing marine ingredient for mature skin that helps to stimulate Hyaluronic Acid synthesis, aiding in the replenishing and ‘plumping’ of the outer appearance of your skin. Studies have shown a significant reduction in the depth and visibility of smile lines after 14-28 days of using the serum. The serum also contains Australia’s native Kakadu Plum, the world’s highest source of Vitamin C. The serum is packed with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin whitening and collagen stimulating properties. 50ml RRP $88.00. To follow the serum, the S8-28 Anti Ageing Moisturiser is a gloriously lightweight hydrating daily moisturiser formulated with the well known potent anti-ageing 8-peptide, SNAP-8™. S8-28 anti-ageing moisturiser works to help slow the formation of new wrinkles while helping to substantially decrease the depth and visibility of pre-existing lines. The moisturiser does not contain a sunscreen (to help the ingredients penetrate deeper into your skin), so always use a sunscreen suitable for your skin type afterwards. 50ml RRP $128.00.


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