Spring is almost here, and that means it’s time to Spring Clean the house. I must say, with working from home, the house is cleaner than it would normally be, but it still needs the all-over clean it gets with a full Spring Clean. And this year, I’m going to CHANGE the way I clean. One of the things I’ve seen since the start of COVID and the reduction in travel – local and international, is how the earth has started to heal itself, so this year I’m going clean and green with my cleaning products.


CHANGE is built in the premise that one small change can save an ocean full of plastic, and their research showing Australian’s use 130kg or plastic each year, with only 12% being recycled. Out of this was born the CHANGE range of cleaning products, which eliminates the need for single use plastic, and reduces the amount of plastic going into landfill. The idea is simple, concentrated cleaning tablets (which are packaged in recyclable packaging), dissolve in water and make up 300ml of cleaning product at a time, in a re-useable bottle (CHANGE have a 300ml recyclable bottle for sale with a pack of 2 tablets as a starter kit, or you can use one you already have). With a range of cleaning options, including lemon scented Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning Tablets, Glass Cleaning Tablets for Shower Screens & Windows, Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets, for stained mugs, cups, and water bottles, it’s easy to clean your home ethically and thoroughly. Packs of 4 tablets RRP $7.95, packs of 8 tablets RRP $12.95. Starter packs RRP $12.95. CHANGE also has divine lavender scented Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets, to remove dirt, odours and limescale build up in a pack of 4 RRP $9.95, and coming soon, an alcohol-free hand sanitiser (it uses chloroxylenol instead) with refills, a pump pack or auto dispenser – RRP $7.95-$44.95.


So how do the CHANGE products stack up in the cleaning stakes? Really well. I’ve used the ammonia and chlorine free lemon scented Multi-Purpose Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaning Tablets in both the kitchen and bathroom, and they cut through grease and dirt easily. In the bathroom, makeup and soap residue lift with a small amount of effort. The Glass Cleaning Tablets leave the shower screens and mirrors streak-free and super clean. I haven’t tried the other products as yet, but will report in social when I do. I really love these products, and I love the fact I’m reducing plastic waste and having a clean home at the same time.


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