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Believe it or not, the Nutrimetics story began a long (long) way away in the Hunza valley of the Himalayas, when a group of Western explorers were studying the Hunzakut tribe and their way of life. Despte the extreme conditions of the Himalayas, the Hunza had wonderful youthful complexions, and it was found that the key to their smooth and youthful skin was Apricot Kernel Oil.

Fast forward to 1968 (yes, the iconic brand turns 50 this year!), and Nutrimetics was founded by Bill and Imelda Roche, with the launch of the legendary Nutri-Rich Oil. Apricot Kernel Oil still forms the core of the ingredients for the heritage Nutri-Rich range, and has helped thousands of Australian women maintain a youthful complexion over the years.

Nutrimetics now has a core of hundreds of fabulous products, and via the team of dedicated consultants, is available almost anywhere in Australia. Using only the highest quality ingredients, it is Nutrimetics mission to to help women feel beautiful inside and out. No wonder Nutrimetics has so many loyal users around Australia. Nutrimetics products are dermatologically tested, and not tested on animals, and free from animal derived ingredients.

Nutrimetics products


With Nutrimetics being such a heritage brand, and empowering so many women to earn their own income over so many years, it is a brand for women, supporting women. It also has literally hundreds of wonderful products, to suit all skin types. This made it a little difficult for Beauty Over 40 to find our favourite products, but nevertheless, we did. Our favourites are:


Who could go past the product that started it all – Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil is the crown jewel of the Nutrimetics range. This highly-concentrated, vitamin-rich blend of apricot kernel oil, carrot oil and vitamin E supplements your skin’s natural oil supply, increasing its ability to hold moisture. The luxe formula glides onto and into your skin with ease, helping to relieve skin dryness, and improving elasticity. The end result is softer, smoother, intensely hydrated skin with renewed radiance. Suitable for all skin types. 25ml RRP $36.00, 60ml RRP $69.00.




Using grape stem cell technology and powerful antioxidants, Nutrimetics Restore Anti-Ageing Extreme Serum, as the name suggests, helps to restore, repair and regenerate skin firmness, so it’s just perfect for more mature skin. The serum also protects against UV stressors and helps minimise the visible signs of ageing to reveal a younger, more glowing complexion. The formula instantly absorbs into your skin to deliver active ingredients to restore skin vitality and fight photo-ageing. 30ml RRP $76.00.




Offering solutions that individually target the visible signs of ageing, Nutrimetics Ultra Care+ AHA-Complex Peel Creme is a treatment that works to clear pores naturally, restoring healthy skin function to enhance your complexion’s clarity and radiance (so it’s great for more mature skin where our cell turnover has slowed, and our skin can look a little dull, or during and after menopause – hello adult acne). Advanced natural ingredients cleanse your pores and reduce sebum production to eliminate blackheads, dead cells and impurities that clog skin. The formula contains lemon peel and sugar cane extract as well as natural fruit AHA to reduce excess sebum production for clearer pores, while salicylic acid exfoliates dead skin cells and removes impurities. 60ml RRP $69.00.




Nutrimetics nc Cover-Rich Moisturising Foundation SPF 15 is formulated to deliver full coverage with a natural finish. We love the creamy formula, which glides over your skin to offer an all day flawless look in wearable neutral shades. Enhanced with moisturising agents, the emollient rich formula rehydrates your skin without adding oil, whilst evening out skin tone, blending perfectly for a smooth, natural finish in an airless pump (so there’s less wastage). Suitable for normal to dry skin types, it’s just ideal for more mature skin. Available in five shades. 30ml RRP $60.00.




If your eyebrows are looking a little sparse and unruly as you mature, Nutrimetics nc Eyebrow Kit may be just the answer. The kit contains all the tools you need to achieve perfect brows in three easy steps. The kit features eyebrow stencils, shades and applicators, to step you through scuplting, colouring, and defining brows. The eyebrow stencils are a clever inclusion – simply place the stencil over your brow, apply the wax, then remove the stencil, and cover the wax with powder for professionally defined brows. The stencils come in four shapes – Glamour, Classic, Sutble, and Soft, so there’s a stencil to suit all face shapes and brow definitions. 2.4g RRP $36.00.



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