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This week, we celebrate the best of Australian, in honour of Australia Day. First up is Hamilton, a heritage brand famous for its fabulous sunscreens, and skincare.

Although Hamilton was founded in the 1930’s, its origins began earlier than that, when in the late 1920’s, a young Adelaide chemist by the name of Milton Blake experimented with the production of a sunburn cream after reading about a substance that was able to absorb the burning ultra-violet rays of the sun. Eventually Milton’s experiments were successful, and a preventative sunburn cream was produced.

In 1932, Hamilton Laboratories was established by Milton Blake and colleagues to begin production of one of the world’s first commercial sunscreens. In Milton Blake’s transcripts he referred to himself as H.A. Milton, revealing how the company name came into being. Since those early days Hamilton sunscreens have undergone continuous development, testing and improvements, to result in the wide range available today, with Hamilton has become a leading, and favourite sun care brand. Hamilton has extended it’s range, developing skincare products that soothe and protect dry and sensitive skin, from our harsh Australian environment.

Hamilton products


Developed and made in Australia, Hamilton products are designed to perform in the harsh Australian conditions we experience. This means, we know they work, and our skin is protected! Some of our favourites are:


Hamilton Active Family SPF 50+ Lotion is the workhorse of the Hamilton range. The active formula means it’s perfect for the everyday activities of your family. It’s dry-touch formulation means it absorbs and drys quickly, so it doesn’t rub off on clothes. The SPF 50+ formula offers very high UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, 4 hours water resistance in a fast absorbing formula, suitable for all skin types. The sunscreen can be used on your body and face. 110g tube RRP $10.95, 250ml (pictured) RRP $16.95, 500ml pump pack RRP $21.95.



If you have sensitive skin, the Hamilton Sensitive Sunscreen is a fantastic product. Offering all of the benefits of the Active Family sunscreen, including the dry-touch formula, SPF 50+ very high UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection, 4 hours water resistance, fast absorbtion, in a gentle, fragrance free formula, perfect everyday use. The sunscreen can be used on both body and face and can also be used for young delicate skin. It’s a great option in you have young children/grandchildren, or if your skin is suffering sensitive flare ups. 265ml RRP $17.95.



As we age, our skin tends to get drier and drier, needing extra care to maintain a comfortable feeling. That’s why we love Hamilton Skin Therapy Nourishing Lotion, an everyday, non-greasy super-hydrating moisturiser with vitamin E. It replaces and seals in moisture to help restore smooth skin. Made especially for dry and sensitive skin and can be used on all skin types, whenever dryness occurs.The formula is free from soap, sulphate, fragrance, colour and propylene glycol (in other words, anything likely to irritate your skin). Suitable for use on all ages including babies, and for skin with eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. 500ml RRP $14.95.



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