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Cinch is a relatively new (and small) Australian brand – so new, you might not have even heard of it. Cinch is a brand targeted at younger women (sub-30), but let’s face it (no pun intended), we all have daughters, nieces, and/or granddaughters, so it’s worthwhile knowing about these youth and millennial focused brands.

Cinch is all about keeping beauty simple. Their products are quick and easy to use with multiple benefits, so that instead of using five products, you can now have glowing skin using just one. Quicker skincare. Longer-lasting hydration. Brighter glow. Less make-up. Smoother skintone. Happier nieces, daughters & granddaughters. Great skin – it’s a Cinch!

Cinch is not tested on animals, is vegan friendly, and is Australian made and owned.

Cinch products


With a small brand, it can be hard picking a favourite, and as Cinch products are all multi-taskers, we love all 3 in the range, as they really do simplify life and reduce the weight in your beauty bag. We love these products:


Face It is a micellar water, alcohol free 5-in-1 cleanser, so it’s a real time (and money) saver. The formula gently cleanses your skin and lifts away impurities, removes non-waterproof makeup from eyes, face, and lips, tones balances and stimulates your skin whilst minimising the appearance of your pores, gently exfoliates via fruit acid ingredients, and hydrates and illuminates your skin, leaving a subtle glow. 200ml RRP $19.95.




Face Cheat(er) is a lightweight velvety cream formula moisturiser packed full of anti-ageing vitamin C derived from kakadu plum, that hydrates your skin for up to 72 hours. Power-punching antioxidants help reduce the fine lines, and give your skin a gorgeous luminous glow. As a bonus, the cream acts as a primer, readying your skin for the foundation or BB cream you apply over the top – no need for a separate primer. Suitable for combination to drier skin types. 40ml RRP $39.95.




For oilier skins, there is also Face Cheat, a lighter, spray on formula, containing all of the benefits of Face Cheat(er), including hydration, luminosity, and weightless priming, so it’s just great as a first moisturiser for teen and early 20’s skin. To use, simply spray either directly onto your face or into your hand, then pat into your skin to allow the illuminator to set. It’s such a light formula it can be sprayed throughout the day, whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up. 100ml RRP $39.95.



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