Celebrating International Rosé Day in Style



In celebration of International Rosé Day (25th June 2021), we’ve teamed up with Angove Family Winemakers (they provided the wine, we cooked the food) to showcase some of their favourite food and Rosé wine pairings to brighten up your day. From bold to fruity and sweet, there are now Rosés to be enjoyed with any type of food and occasion.

Angove Organic Rosé



This award-winning Rosé has a delicate pink colour that boasts notes of strawberry, blueberry and crunchy watermelon aromas with a hint of apple. The palate is crisp and clean with abundant strawberry and red berry characters. It is Certified Organic, vegan-friendly and uses minimal preservatives.


Food Pairing

Grilled South Australian King George Whiting – the sweet white flesh is perfectly offset by the soft light berry and citrus notes of the wine. Angove Organic Rosé also pairs beautifully with Spicy Asian Cuisine like Spicy Prawn or Chicken Laksa. The crisp clean flavours help keep the palate light and cools the spice, cutting through the richness of the coconut milk. 


Naturalis Organic Rosé



A splash of Sauvignon Blanc has been added to this Shiraz based Rosé to give some zing to the palate. This Rosé has a light blushing pink colour with aromas of blueberry, strawberry and a hint of lime, preceding a full-flavoured palate that finishes with crispness and length. This light and fruity Rosé is also Certified Organic, vegan-friendly and uses minimal preservatives.


Food Pairing

Crispy Skin Salmon – the clean acidity of the wine helps cut through this oily fish and showcases the fish’s fine, sweet flavours. The wine also helps keep the palate clean and fresh. If you’re vegetarian, don’t worry! It also pairs perfectly with Japanese Tofu Ramen. The tasting notes of the wine perfectly complement the dish’s earthy yet delicate flavours. As the saying goes, opposites attract. 


About Angove:

Angove Family Winemakers is Australia’s leading and largest certified organic grape grower and winemaker, with a deep commitment to sustainability at all levels. With major interests in vineyards across South Australia the links to the land are as strong as ever and the desire to protect and improve this finite natural resource is driving much of the development of the Angove brand.  As grape and wine producers across Australia become more concerned about the long-term sustainability of their vineyards and winemaking businesses, an interest in soil health has increased considerably within the wine industry and health industry.


About Tony Ingle:

Tony Ingle is the Chief Winemaker at Angove Family winemakers, Australia’s leading Certified Organic grape grower and winemaker. Tony’s arrival at Angove Family Winemakers in 2003 has been pivotal in the rebirth of the venerable company as a quality wine producer. He’s inspired the organic push, the creation of a boutique winery within the big Renmark winery, and the sourcing of grapes from other regions. In 2014, Tony was nominated for the Gourmet Traveller Winemaker of the Year, a recognition of his outstanding talent and contribution to Angove and the wine industry.



We hope we have cheered your day up a little. Head on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the delish dishes we cooked to pair with these refreshing wines. If you’re looking for something to do this International Rosé Day ……..




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