Can Skincare replace Botox?


As you may have gathered by our previous skincare posts, we personally believe in the softly softly approach to aging at Beauty Over 40 – that life is an experience, and you should live it beautifully, that there is absolutely no shame in aging. So we started thinking, there are so many wonderful skincare products on the market, are they a viable alternative to Botox?


Expert aesthetic physician Dr. Joseph Hkeik from All Saints Skin Clinic says ‘Skin made plump through the use of skincare minimises the need to use filler to address skin concerns.’ While botox can be a fantastic quick fix for specific concerns such as wrinkles, it’s an injectable toxin that can have side effects including bruising, allergic reactions, double vision, can surprisingly limit your ability to read others emotions* and can set you back $300-500 per session.


“Over the past five to seven years we’ve seen a massive rise in the use of laser and Botox fillers. I call it the fast food of beauty.” said the CEO of Australian skincare company Ella Baché who stands by a less invasive approach to skincare.


The sheer range of anti-aging products currently on the market can be a little overwhelming, with many claiming to smooth the skin, prevent wrinkles, sculpt and firm the face without going under a needle. So, what products and ingredients should you be looking for if you prefer not to use botox, to achieve similar results? The below 5 ingredients are ones to look out for that will give you maximum results without the harm or downtime of cosmetic procedures:



Retinol is a wonder ingredient that is well known for its anti-aging powers that tackle fine lines, the ever present sun damage and smooth the skins texture by increasing cell turnover and helping to stimulate collagen/elastin production. Retinol can however make your skin more sensitive to sun and due to its strength can be tough on sensitive skin/those that have existing skin conditions such as eczema so it’s best introduced slowly into your evening skincare routine and applied at night, with a sunscreen or moisturiser with high SPF worn during the day. We love: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Serum 30ml RRP $42.99, which claims visible results in as little as one week.



It’s no surprise, particularly in Australia, that sunscreen is the number one anti-ageing product you should use. Not only will it protect the skin against UVA/UVB rays and photo ageing but also help reverse hyper pigmentation and wrinkles (according to a new study in in the journal Dermatologic Surgery) and decrease the risk of melanoma. Look for a sunscreen with at least SPF30+, and use it every day (even in winter, and on cloudy days). We love: Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ 50ml RRP $62.00 – a moisturiser with high protection, so there’s no excuse to forget your sunscreen each day

AHA’s (or Alpha Hydroxy Acids)


Alpha Hydroxyl Acids, commonly known as AHAs, gently, yet thoroughly, exfoliate your skin by dissolving the top layer of cells on the skins surface to improve the absorption of your moisturiser, and revealing a more even skin tone, skin that feels firmer and with minimised fine lines, which is exactly what we we need as we age and our cell turnover decreases, leading to dull, lacklustre skin. We love: Skinceuticals C+ AHA Serum 30ml RRP $169.00, a powerful antioxidant treatment that uses a combination of glycolic and lactic acid to create a fresh and luminous appearance.

Myrtle Extract


This might be a new ingredient for some of you, but we bet it won’t stay unknown for long. Prized for it’s incredible rejuvenating and antibacterial properties, Myrtle Extract is the next big thing in anti-aging as it helps to slow down the aging process, is anti-inflammatory and can help reduce breakouts – a real all-rounder. We love: Ella Baché’s Eternal+ Sculpting Serum 30ml RRP $119.00. Using Myrtle Extract as a key ingredient, the formula has addressed the concerns of women who want salon results from home. According to the brand, 70% of women who have used Ella Baché’s Eternal+ Sculpting Serum said they would likely postpone a lifting-type cosmetic procedure in exchange for the product.

Vitamin C


Vitamin C is the go-to anti-oxidant ingredient with a multitude of anti-aging benefits,helping to give you tighter, brighter skin due to it’s ability to help promote collagen production and reduce pigmentation. We love: new Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate 50ml RRP $98.00. With the heightened potency of the Vitamin C in the new formula, and addition of Hyaluronic Acid, the fast-absorbing serum delivers an instant boost in skin radiance, whilst providing improved wrinkle reduction benefits. In mist form, such as Ella Bache Radiance C Antioxidant Defence Mist 100ml RRP $38.00, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for a radiant complexion and can act as a setting spray over makeup.


Top Tip


Now this isn’t a cosmetic ingredient, but we thought we’d share it anyway. You’ve probably read over the years about the benefits of using a silk pillow case, as the smoothness of the fabric reduces facial wrinkles, but did you know it has other benefits as well, and sleeping on silk can make a huge difference to your beauty routine. While you’re sleeping, silk works to help speed up cells metabolisms and won’t absorb moisture away from the skin, unlike cotton, maximising the power of your evening beauty products. We love: Sheridan Lanham Silk Pillowcase RRP $89.95.

What do you think of these wonder ingredients? Have you heard of them? Have you used them? Would you use them instead of Botox? Let us know in the comments below.


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