It can be a little tricky to get a defined lip line with mature lips. Traditionally shaped lipsticks can bleed into the fine lines around your mouth, and with the natural thinning of lips as we age, you can end up with lipstick in a few places it shouldn’t be. If this happens to you, and leads you to give darker or all lipstick shades a miss, we may have just found the solution with the latest launch from Bobbi Brown.


Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipsticks have a tapered bullet-shaped tip, for precision application, allowing you to put the lipstick exactly where you want it. The creamy, long lasting formula glides easily onto lips, and delivers a burst of high impact colour. The shape of this lipstick allows you to line and shape your lips in one, and the creamy matte finish stays in place all day. Plus, a clever built-in sharpener means every application can be as sharp and defined as the first. Available in 12 lip-loving shades, from soft beige, warm, cool, and bright pinks, neutral, blue and warm reds, to peach, burgundy and brown shades, you’re sure to find a shade to suit. I’ve always steered towards softer neutral shades, but this is one launch that has me reaching for the bolds again (I’m keeping the neutrals too). Bobbi Brown Luxe Defining Lipstick RRP $56.00 each.


What am I loving for Winter? The Terracotta – a warm brick-red shade is absolutely stunning, as is the Water Lily – a warm grapefruit pink (pictured). What shades do you like to wear? Let us know in the comments below.


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