For many of us, we’re back at work now, and this means less me time, yet somehow, perversely, we need to be better groomed than over the holidays. The good news is there are several things we can do at home, to make our grooming easier, and help us look just that little bit sharper. One of my favourites for an instant update is an at-home Brow groom, in between salon visits (why is it that everything doesn’t grow out evenly, and there are always a few strays?).


I’ve just discovered an awesome foursome of products from QVS that make brow grooming as simple as 1-2-3-4. The double sided Bathroom Shaving Mirror is the perfect accessory. It’s portable, so you can take it to the best light, and the 5x side allows you to see the straggly brows with ease (and it’s just what you really need as we age and our eyesight tends to fade), whist the 1 x True Size side is great for everyday use. The chrome plated Slant Tip Tweezers are perfect to tweeze away any stray hairs to bring your brows back to insta-worthy status. The precision tip grasps hair easily, even for older hands, and it comes with a storage pouch. To take care of any super-fine brow hairs (the kind that normally only waxing catches), the Dual Ended Facial Razors are just brilliant (and I didn’t even know they were a thing!) The small razor end can be used to remove the fine hair around brows, and to straighten brow edges. Insider tip, they remove fine lip hair too. The large razor end can be used to remove hair around the jawline and ear area. The razors are easy to grip, and come in a pack of 2, so they last a long time. Once your brows are shaped, the Brow Trio of Brushes ensure they stay perfectly groomed all day, every day. The brushes Define and Detail (with your favourite brow powder or gel) your brows, whilst the Spoolie helps to neaten any stray hairs into place and evenly distribute colour. Now you need never have a bad Brow Day again! QVS Bathroom Shaving Mirror RRP $12.00, Slant Tip Tweezers RRP $10.00, Pack of 2 Facial Razors RRP $10.00, and Brow Trio Brushes RRP $15.00.


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