With the cooler mornings now well and truly upon us, a warming beverage in the morning is an almost constant. Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, these delicious brews bring us comfort and warmth and give us a kick start on these cold mornings. But what if your morning cuppa had additional benefits?


The latest functional offering from the aptly named Beforeyouspeak coffee has just that. The new Octane flavour features not only a “top of the morning” coffee hit, it contains Green Tea Extract, proven to help with appetite control and fat metabolism, L-Carnitine, naturally produced in our bodies and know for its ability to break down stubborn fat reserves and convert them into energy (and who doesn’t want that!), and MCT, known for their ability to metabolise unwanted fat, and improve mental clarity. It’s the perfect beverage for the Winter months, when we tend to put on weight with stodgier foods and less exercise. Best of all is the great taste. I’m actually not always a fan of coffee – it can be a little bitter for me, but I absolutely loved the softer, mellower taste of the Beforeyouspeak Octane Coffee. Available in easy to use single use sachets, you can have your coffee at home or on the go. If Octane isn’t your thing, they also have a wonderful Collagen blend. Beforeyouspeak Octane Coffee 30 sachets RRP $69.95.


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