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In news that will sadden most women over 40, Avon has announced it will pull out of the Australian (and New Zealand) markets by the end of 2018. The iconic Avon brand was founded in the USA in 1886, and has been in Australia since 1963. Avon has been a household name in Australia for over 50 years, and has provided a staple income for it’s more than 21,400 sales representatives, who now face an uncertain future, along with more than 220 head office staff. Avon cited dwindling sales, and a “company strategy to return Avon to long-term sustainable profitable growth” being behind a focus on markets with the greatest potential for future growth. It is clear the Australian and New Zealand markets do not fit this strategy, as its sales have dwindled.

With an almost 55 year history in Australia, we’re certain most readers will have a favourite Avon product (or two). If so, we’d suggest stocking up before they close, and supporting your local Avon representative. We also grew up with Avon, and our favourites are (pictured from top to bottom):

Avon Anew Advanced All-In-One MAX is a day moisturiser with sunscreen and alpha hydroxy acids, to help deeply moisturise, and smooth the appearance of your skin, whilst the sunscreen protects and helps to even out skin tone. It’s great for mature skin, or the time poor.

It wouldn’t be Avon without a lipstick, and we love this one. Avon True Colour Lipstick is, as the name says, a moisturising formula with rich, stay true colour. The formula is infused with nourishing vitamin E, omega 3 and shea butter to condition lips. Available in 22 wearable shades.

Super economical, the Avon Glow Bronzing Powder with a silky, luminous bronzer blends easily for a streak free, radiant look. It’s so simple to use, and blends easily. Available in 4 shades, our favourite is Sunkissed Glow.

Although we loved the creme finish of the liquid eyeshadows in the 1980’s, a more mature outlook has lead to our love of the Luxe Cashmere Eyeshadow Palette with five wearable shades. The formula is enriched with orchid extract for a silky soft finish. Each compact contains five coordinated shades in both a matte and pearl finish for multiple looks. 

Who can forget the iconic Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil, with its fresh herbal scent, and is a luxurious formulation – many a childhood bath was spent with this luxe oil, enriched with jojoba oil, softening and conditioning our delicate skin.

Farewell Avon, we will miss you. Which product will you miss the most? Which were your favourites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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