Australia’s Finest Restaurants run by Females



It’s often hard being a women in a man’s world, so this week, OpenTable is celebrating the talented women slaying it in the Australian culinary space. In an industry that is mostly dominated by men, these women have led and inspired with their pioneering work that is defying industry norms in the Australian food scene.

Showcasing various cuisines reflective of the nation’s diversity, OpenTable have shared with us their list of Australia’s finest female-led restaurants. 

Love.Fish – Barangaroo NSW 

Michelle Grand-Milkovic Co-Owner



Her commitment to offering sustainably sourced seafood in a scenic waterfront setting to enlightened diners, drove Michelle Grand-Milkovic, to open Love.Fish in 2010. As the main operator of the restaurant, her passion to be an entrepreneur fuelled her to venture into the hospitality sector and set an example to empower women in business. Michelle believes her restaurants emphasis on environmental responsibility is the key to its success. Showcasing only the finest local and seasonal seafood from Australia’s waters. Love.Fish has delighted locals and tourists alike with Michelle’s ecological approach to food.

Smith & Daughters – Fitzroy Vic

Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse Co-Owners



A collaboration of two women’s genius (Shannon Martinez runs the kitchen while Mo Wyse runs the business), Smith & Daughters Fitzroy restaurant has been serving up vegan food , despite criticisms accusing Shannon for not being a vegan, and backlash for labelling vegan dishes ‘sausage’ when in fact they’re meat free. Nevertheless, the duo has disregarded the critics, and created a restaurant with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe and a menu that can lure even the most hardened meat lover.

Banksii Vermouth Bar & Bistro – Barangaroo NSW

Rebecca Lines Co-Owner



Named after Sir Joseph Banks, the first botanist to ever set foot on Australian shores, Banksii showcases Rebecca Line’s love for botanicals. Featuring Mediterranean-inspired, Modern Australian dishes with a dash of contemporary European culinary elements. Rebecca Line was hailed as one of the finalists of the prestigious Excellence Young Restaurateur of the Year Award, she is a nationally respected sommelier, beating out many males in the category. Rebecca is a natural entrepreneur, successful businesswoman and dedicated mother.


Epocha – Melbourne CBD Vic

Angie Giannakodakis Owner



Guests can look forward to a European and particularly Greek gastronomic adventure when they visit Angie Giannakodakis’ successful restaurant Epocha. With three decades worth of experience in the hospitality industry under her belt, Angie has managed to charm diners so that they feel they’ve been transported to an old European manor with the old-world decor of Epocha. On top of this, Angie recently launched a culinary school to improve diner’s etiquette, demonstrating her overwhelming dedication to conserving quality hospitality.

Marion – Fitzroy Vic

Natasha Burnett Head Chef



At age 28, Natasha Burnett has already worked at an impressive catalogue of prestigious restaurants in Melbourne, since moving from her hometown in Noosa. Most recently she has been promoted to Head Chef of Marion – one of Melbourne’s most celebrated establishments. Natasha has become a widely celebrated young chef, in 2018 becoming a finalist in the Professional Women in Food Service Awards. She was recently one of the female chefs in Australia awarded a hat in the Good Food Guide of 2019.

Billie H – Claremont WA

Alia Glorie Head Chef



Praised for creating some of the countries smartest dishes, Billie H has been named one of the nation’s top restaurants. Part of chef Alia’s success is her decision to work with innovative ingredients and to avoid stressed out staff, crazy work hours and an aggressive attitude. Alia is a champion for change in the hospitality industry and as a leader, she is mindful to create a collegial and open workplace giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed. 

Lake House – Daylesford Vic

Alla Wolf-Tasker Chef & Owner



Wolf-Tasker’s Lake House has been a celebrated establishment for over 35 years as one of Australia’s most highly regarded gourmet retreats, and continues to win numerous awards internationally. Over that time, Alla has seen her role develop from Executive Chef to restaurateur and hotelier. Throughout her time in the industry Alla has been a passionate supporter and advocate for the development of young chefs in Australia. As well as a strong supporter of the small producers helping restaurants in Victoria have some of the nation’s most exciting food.

Poly – Surry Hills NSW

Isabelle Caulfield Head Chef



Head Chef, Isabelle Caulfield has worked both sides of the fence in hospitality, beginning as a waitress and climbing through the ranks of one of the most celebrated restaurants in Sydney- speaking volumes on her determination and drive, going up against the industry’s male chefs. Jumping on the pans at Poly, an Ester wine bar and eatery spin off in Surry Hills, Isabelle strives to build Poly’s reputation as a restaurant and workplace where all people are welcomed. The effortless deliciousness on the plate, is mirrored by the easy going style of service and relaxed atmosphere.



If you are interested in booking a table to any of these wonderful restaurants, simply click in the link in the respective story. Have you eaten at any of these restaurants? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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