Like most of us at the moment, I have quite a bit of downtime, and cabin fever is setting in. I’m really  missing my salon visits (hair, facial and nail), and I find myself thinking of a simpler time – when we could go out to dinner, catch up with friends, and play team sports. It looks like Mavala are too (to the 1970’s), with the gorgeous Autumnal Mavala Retro Color’s Collection of mini nail polishes. With time up my sleeve, and the postponement of Winter sport meaning my nails are unusually long right now, I’ve decided to do an at-home mani-pedi.


The colours in the Retro Color’s Collection are stunning – perfect for an Autumn/Winter at home mani/pedi. From 4 Abu Dhabi, an intense white which brings to mind the palaces in the Emirates, to 5 Maputo, a gorgeous deep terracotta brown, reminiscent of a safari in the grasses of a Savannah, and 21 Tunis, an ochre beige, similar in colour to a burning desert sand, 35 Quito, a deep bewitching red, like an equatorial sunset, 36 Karachi, a luminescent ultra-violet that shimmers like mysterious treasure, and finally 39 Bruxelles, a classic soft grey, reminding us of the coolness of Winter. As with all Mavala nail colours, these allow nails to breathe, and are formulated without Formaldehydes, Parabens, and Acetone, so they do not harm your nails (and they’re vegan friendly). Mavala Mini Nail Polish 5ml RRP $8.50. To remove the nail polish, we’ve used the Mavala Crystal Nail Polish Remover, an acetone-free formula that doesn’t dry out nails or cuticles. The environmentally friendly formula is 100% biodegradeable (yes really), odour free, and non-flammable. It does take a tiny bit longer to remove nail polish than acetone removers, but it’s so gentle on your nails and the environment that it’s totally worth it. Mavala Crystal Nail Polish remover 100ml RRP $11.95. Also available in a 50ml size.


As always, it’s been really hard to choose a favourite with so many stunning colours in the collection – so guess what – I haven’t. I’ve been bold and used the deeper colours of Quito and Karachi on my toes (alternately), and Maputo and Tunis alternately for the mani  (I’m going to switch over to Abu Dhabi and Bruxelles closer to Winter). With the tips on how to achieve the perfect Mani/Pedi at home, it’s been a breeze – pics on Instagram. Do you do mani/pedi’s at home? Which colour do you like? Let us know in the comments below.


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