If there is one thing I look forward to over the holidays, it’s a bit more “me” time. With the Covid restrictions around Australia, getting away has been a bit harder, so I’ve been taking a few back to nature short breaks, and intensifying my skincare regime while I’m away. I’m hoping to get it ship shape for the year ahead.


I have been using this wonderful trio from Arbonne (part of the AgeWell skincare range) at night, to refresh and replenish my skin (along with the wonderful Vegan Silky Cleanser Morning and Night), and my skin is feeling wonderfully soft and hydrated – glowing with health. The Arbonne AgeWell range is a Vegan science backed skincare range that uses Bakuchiol (a plant based alternative to retinol we predict you’ll be hearing a lot more about this year), Plant Stem Cells, and Stabilised Vitamin C, throughout the range, to help combat concerns that arise as skin ages – fine lines and wrinkles, decline in collagen production, and photo ageing, so it’s perfect for my 50+ skin. The Arbonne AgeWell Refreshing Toning Mist (pictured) is an easy to use spritz that you can use throughout the day or overnight under skincare. The addition of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps to improve skin’s moisture barrier (leading to improved skin hydration) and even skin tone. AgeWell Refresing Toning Mist 50ml RRP $61.00. I’ve been following this up with the decadent Arbonne AgeWell Intense Repairing Night Cream, an ultra-hydrating moisturiser that works with your skins natural overnight reparative cycle, to deliver softer, more supply skin by morning, with the look of fine lines and wrinkles reduced over time. My skin just drinks this one in. AgeWell Intense Repairing Night Cream 50g RRP $135.00. Finally, I’ve been treating my neck and decolletage (those oft-neglected body parts), to the specialised Arbonne AgeWell Firming Neck Cream, and I’m really seeing the benefits. The Neck Cream helps to boost moisture, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also helping to improve skin firmness and definition (I think this may just be my favourite piece in the range). AgeWell Firming Neck Cream 50g RRP $133.00.


After 2-3 weeks of night time use, my skin looks softer, plumper, and fine lines look reduced. Just what I was after to start the new year. Have you used this range? How has it worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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