It’s true – as a beauty blogger we do get to experience some wonderful treatments, and recently I was able to experience the decadent AquaPure Facial at North Shore Aesthetics in Sydney – just in time for Winter.


As the name suggests, the facial is all about nourishing and rejuvenating tired skin, giving skin a deep clean at the same time. It’s a non-invasive hydradermabrasian treatment, for all skin types, that targets uneven skin tone, oily/congested pores, and fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to dehydration and dryness.  The treatment uses 3 different solutions: for exfoliating, sebum control and collagen production, while the treatment cleans, refreshes and adds moisture and volume to the skin.


The AquaPure uses a select range of powerful natural ingredients and it delivers directly to various layers of the skin to promote a rejuvenated, brighter and more glowing complexion. My treatment started with a skin cleanse, then a gentle peel to exfoliate the dull skin cells. I added on Mesotherapy to the treatment, where a Derma Roller was used on my skin (pain factor about 1/10, only across my forehead, and redness lasted about an hour), along with NCTF Boost – a boosting solution of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Minerals and Antioxidants, which penetrated deeply thanks to the Derma Roller. My skin then had a Hyaluronic Youth Mask applied, while I lay back and relaxed under LED lights, to enhance the delivery of ingredients. The treatment concluded with a Micro-current, to help skin tightening by boosting collagen and elastin regeneration.  


Overall, I loved this treatment (and the addition of Mesotherapy). With my mature (read 50+) skin, it felt glowing and hydrated for 2 weeks, and I received multiple compliments on how well I looked (something that doesn’t usually happen over Winter). If your skin is in need of a Winter pick-me-up (although this can be done year round for skin that is dry and/or dehydrated), I highly recommend the AquaPure Treatment from North Shore Aesthetics. It’s (very) close to Gordon Station in Sydney, and there is plenty of parking close by if you prefer to drive. For more information on the treatment, or to contact the salon, click here:  North Shore Aesthetics | Look and feel your best . The treatment was gifted to me to experience and review. Opinions above are my own.




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