From our friends across the ditch comes one of my favourite skincare launches of the year so far. Ticking the boxes of everything I care about – cruelty-free, natural origin, clean beauty, sustainable packaging (100% plastic free and biodegradable), and with locally sourced (AU/NZ) key ingredients, there is much to love about the new Antipodes Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream, and that’s before you even try it (it gets better from there).


In the anti/pro ageing battle, Antipodes Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream targets three signs of ageing by supporting skin’s collagen production, helping to smooth the appearance of wrinkles, and plumping skin for a youthful glow. In in-vitro tests on human fibroblast cells, Lime Caviar was shown to stimulate Type 1 collagen production by 65% – which means the Cream has been scientifically proven to support skin’s natural collagen function. With collagen being one of the key building blocks of skin, and with its natural production starting to decline after the age of 30-35, stimulating skin’s natural collagen function is essential to keeping it plumped, supple, and line-free. Key ingredients Sepilift™ DPHP supports and strengthens skin’s natural collagen function, while lime caviar extract, from hand-picked limes, is rich in AHAs to help promote fresh, radiant skin tone. Lipid-rich avocado oil helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines for a firmer, plumper, bouncier complexion. Antipodes Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream 60ml RRP $56.00. Available from David Jones, Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Adore Beauty, and Nourished Life.


I’ve been using the Lime Caviar Cream for 4 weeks now, and my skin just loves it. The freshness of the Lime Caviar scent instantly awakens my senses, and the rich, luxe cream just melts into my skin. It really does look plumper, softer, and more radiant. I asked a new acquaintance how old she thought I was recently, and she guessed 12 years younger than my actual age!! Now, I don’t think that is entirely down to the cream after 4 weeks (I am also a regular sunscreen user), but the plumpness and softness of my skin has helped. This is one cream I will definitely keep using.




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