5 Activities to try this Autumn and Winter



The weather might be starting to cool, the days starting to shorten, and we need a jumper first and last thing each day, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pull up stumps and head indoors for the Winter just yet. After all, if we were meant to hibernate, we’d be bears. Check out our 5 tips for things to do this Autumn through to early Winter, and enjoy these cooler seasons.

Visit a Gallery



We can’t travel many places overseas at the moment, and some of our Aussie Art Galleries and Museums have some great collections for us to view. On a cold, cloudy day, try the Art Gallery of NSW, or the National Gallery of Victoria, or maybe discover some of the smaller local galleries in your city or town. You could even visit one of our wonderful regional galleries for something different. If you don’t have a gallery close to you, why not plan a trip away for a bit of culture. Galleries are a wonderful place to while away a few hours, and maybe discover a new artist or interest.


Do some Yoga



Keep your muscles fit and flexible with a yoga class or 2. Yoga is a great exercise to practice when the weather is cooler. Indoors and socially distanced, or outdoors in the sun, revive mind, body and soul as you breathe deeply and stretch your muscles. There are many types of yoga – from Vinyasa to Hatha to Bikram and more, and indoor and outdoor classes, so spend some time to find the one that suits you best. Search local classes, and ask friends, family, and your local Facebook page for opinions. Some yoga studios will have a free class to try it out, so look out for this too.


Take a Weekend Away



Autumn and early Winter are great times to get away for a weekend (or tack an extra day or 2 on and have a long weekend a bit further afield). The weather is cooler so you can enjoy a bushwalk, but not so cold you need to head indoors every couple of hours, and it’s less crowded than the Summer holidays. Why not discover a new winery just outside the city, or a farm stay and find out how we get our food. You could visit a regional area a bit further afield and inject some much needed dollars into their local economy. The choices are almost endless – you just need to match the destination to your interest.


Do a Cooking Course



Another great activity for Autumn and Winter is to do a cooking course – indoors, with ovens heating the room. Is there a cuisine you’ve always wanted to master? Maybe you have a favourite cuisine or region and you’d like to expand your repertoire? Or maybe you’re an expert Italian cook and you’d like to become a better baker. Whatever your want or need, your local community college is sure to have something of interest. Get together with a partner or friend, and make an event of it. You never know – you may even discover a new signature dish.


Plant your Winter Veggie Garden



Is there anything more delicious than flavoursome vegetables, fresh from your own garden? And having a veggie garden means you’re more likely to eat your produce, giving yourself a nutritional boost over the colder Winter months. Depending on the size of your garden, you can plant in pots or directly into an outdoor garden area. Just make sure the plants are protected from frost, and get plenty of sunlight. I always plant seedlings for Winter, as being partly grown gives them a head start, as does a good fertiliser on planting. Good vegetables to try are carrots, broccoli, onion, garlic, snow peas, and brussel sprouts. If space allows, add a few herbs, such as basil, thyme, parsley, chives or coriander, to add flavour to Winter soups and stews.


We hope we have given you some inspiration for some things to do this Autumn through Winter. Do you have any activities planned? Are you tempted to try some of the above? Let us know in the comments below.






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