With collagen being the most abundant protein in our bodies, and as it is so essential for skin vitality and health, you really start to notice when production slows down (and it starts to slow dramatically after 40), as your skin firmness and elasticity start to decline. Vida Glow, the brand famous for its Marine Collagen, and Beauty Powders which keep us healthy on the inside, has now launched a range of cruelty-free, vegan skincare basics, with Red Algae Marine Collagen, to help replenish the collagen in your skin – and lets face it, mature skin needs all the help it can get! Extracted from seaweed, the the collagen peptides in the skincare range have a low molecular weight, meaning they can be effectively absorbed by your skin. The soluable and hydrolysed collagen in the formulas helps to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in your skin, to help reduce the signs of ageing.


The Vida Glow Skincare range consists of 6 products, all with Marine Collagen to help rejuvenate and renew your skin, which make a simple, and easy to use beauty routine. The Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser is a gorgeous lightweight gel, which removes makeup and impurities without drying your skin. Glycolic Acid helps to detox your skin, whilst Green tea, Aloe Vera and Calendula help to sooth and calm. 95ml RRP $39.95. The Vitamin C Serum is a light silky lotion enriched with a high concentrate of Vitamin C (from Australian Kakadu Plum), to target and help treat fine lines, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone. The Vitamin C combines with Vitamin E to help brighten your skin and fight free radicals. 30ml RRP $69.95. The easily-absorbed Vida Glow Emollient Moisturiser is a lightweight cream, rich in butters and oils to deeply moisturise and nourish your skin. Cocoa and Shea Butter help to hydrate, whilst Grape Seed and Jojoba Oils help to nourish your skin, for soft, smooth skin. The addition of Coconut Oil and Resveratrol help to combat the damaging effects of free radicals. 50ml RRP $64.95. The super gentle Facial Exfoliator contains non-abrasive Jojoba Beads, and Bamboo that work together to sweep away dull skin cells, and help clear impurities and clogged pored, revealing a clear, healthy complexion. Added vitamins and oils help to even out skin tone, and condition your skin. 100ml RRP $44.95. The rich, lush Antioxidant Rich Hydration Mask absorbs easily into skin. The addition of Sodium Hyaluronate helps keep moisture in your skin, to deliver long lasting hydration, whilst Shea and Cocoa Butter condition your skin, and Green tea and Vitamin C help protect your skin. 45ml RRP $64.95. Rounding out the collection (for now), the Nourishing Lip Balm is a silky formula, designed to help smooth, firm and regenerate your lips, whilct offering anti-ageing protection. Vitamins C and E help to provide antioxidant protection to your lips, whilst Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and castor Oil help to provide long lasing hydration. Shea and Cocoa Butters help to soften and replenish your lips, leaving them silky smooth. 15ml RRP $19.95.


I’ve been using the range for the past 4 weeks, and I can really notice the difference (it really started to show after 3 weeks). My skin looks firmer, it has lost its dull ashiness, and it seems to just glow. After a long, dry winter, my lips are finally starting to look hydrated and plump. This is luxe skincare without the super-luxe price tag. I am a huge fan.


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